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! { dg-do compile }
! { dg-require-visibility "" }
! This tests that PR32760, in its various manifestations is fixed.
! Contributed by Harald Anlauf <>
! This is the original bug - the frontend tried to fix the flavor of
! 'PRINT' too early so that the compile failed on the subroutine
! declaration.
module gfcbug68
implicit none
public :: print
subroutine foo (i)
integer, intent(in) :: i
print *, i
end subroutine foo
subroutine print (m)
integer, intent(in) :: m
end subroutine print
end module gfcbug68
! This version of the bug appears in comment # 21.
module m
public :: volatile
subroutine foo
volatile :: bar
end subroutine foo
subroutine volatile
end subroutine volatile
end module
! This was a problem with the resolution of the STAT parameter in
! ALLOCATE and DEALLOCATE that was exposed in comment #25.
module n
public :: integer
private :: istat
subroutine foo
integer, allocatable :: s(:), t(:)
allocate(s(4), stat=istat)
end subroutine foo
subroutine integer()
end subroutine integer
end module n
! This is the version of the bug in comment #12 of the PR.
module gfcbug68a
implicit none
public :: write
function foo (i)
integer, intent(in) :: i
integer foo
write (*,*) i
foo = i
end function foo
subroutine write (m)
integer, intent(in) :: m
print *, m*m*m
end subroutine write
end module gfcbug68a
program testit
use gfcbug68a
integer :: i = 27
integer :: k
k = foo(i)
print *, "in the main:", k
call write(33)
end program testit