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! { dg-do compile }
! Tests the fix for PR25532, which was a regression introduced by
! the fix for PR20244.
! Contributed by Erik Edelmann <>
module ModelParams
implicit none
type ReionizationParams
real :: fraction
end type ReionizationParams
type CAMBparams
type(ReionizationParams) :: Reion
end type CAMBparams
type(CAMBparams) CP
end module ModelParams
module ThermoData
use ModelParams
implicit none
subroutine inithermo()
use ModelParams
if (0 < CP%Reion%fraction) then
end if
end subroutine inithermo
! The bug expressed itself in this subroutine because the component type
! information was not being copied from the parent namespace.
subroutine SetTimeSteps
if (0 < CP%Reion%fraction) then
end if
end subroutine SetTimeSteps
end module ThermoData