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! { dg-do compile }
! { dg-options "" }
! Support Fortran 2015's IMPLICIT NONE with empty spec list
! And IMPLICIT with ";" followed by an additional statement.
! Contributed by Alan Greynolds
module m
type t
end type t
end module m
subroutine sub0
implicit integer (a-h,o-z); parameter (i=0)
end subroutine sub0
subroutine sub1
implicit integer (a-h,o-z)!test
parameter (i=0)
end subroutine sub1
subroutine sub2
use m
implicit type(t) (a-h,o-z); parameter (i=0)
end subroutine sub2
subroutine sub3
use m
implicit type(t) (a-h,o-z)! Foobar
parameter (i=0)
end subroutine sub3
subroutine sub4
implicit none ()
call test()
i = 1 ! { dg-error "Symbol 'i' at .1. has no IMPLICIT type" }
end subroutine sub4