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! { dg-do compile }
module implicit_2
! This should cause an error if function types are resolved from the
! module namespace.
implicit none
type t
integer i
end type
! This caused an ICE because we were trying to apply the implicit type
! after we had applied the explicit type.
subroutine test()
implicit type (t) (v)
type (t) v1, v2
v1%i = 1
call foo (v2%i)
end subroutine
! A similar error because we failed to apply the implicit type to a function.
! This is a contained function to check we lookup the type in the function
! namespace, not it's parent.
function f() result (val)
implicit type (t) (v)
val%i = 1
end function
! And again for a result variable.
function fun()
implicit type (t) (f)
fun%i = 1
end function
! intrinsic types are resolved later than derived type, so check those as well.
function test2()
implicit integer (t)
test2 = 42
end function
subroutine bar()
! Check that implicit types are applied to names already known to be
! variables.
implicit type(t) (v)
save v
v%i = 42
end subroutine
end module