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! { dg-do compile }
! PR fortran/30683
! Code contributed by Salvatore Filippone.
module class_fld
integer, parameter :: int_ = 1
integer, parameter :: bnd_ = 2
type fld
integer :: size(2)
end type fld
! This interface is extending the SIZE intrinsic procedure,
! which led to a segmentation fault when trying to resolve
! the intrinsic symbol name.
interface size
module procedure get_fld_size
end interface
function get_fld_size(f)
integer :: get_fld_size(2)
type(fld), intent(in) :: f
get_fld_size(int_) = f%size(int_)
get_fld_size(bnd_) = f%size(bnd_)
end function get_fld_size
end module class_fld
module class_s_fld
use class_fld
type s_fld
type(fld) :: base
real(kind(1.d0)), pointer :: x(:) => null()
end type s_fld
interface x_
module procedure get_s_fld_x
end interface
function get_s_fld_x(fld)
real(kind(1.d0)), pointer :: get_s_fld_x(:)
type(s_fld), intent(in) :: fld
get_s_fld_x => fld%x
end function get_s_fld_x
end module class_s_fld
module class_s_foo
subroutine solve_s_foo(phi,var)
use class_s_fld
type(s_fld), intent(inout) :: phi
real(kind(1.d0)), intent(out), optional :: var
integer :: nsz
real(kind(1.d0)), pointer :: x(:)
x => x_(phi)
end subroutine solve_s_foo
end module class_s_foo