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! { dg-do run }
! Test the fix for PR96320 in which the assumed shape of 'arg' in the
! interface for 'bar' was mirrored by the 'arg' in the module procedure
! incorrectly have deferred shape.
! Contributed by Damian Rouson <>
module foobar
type foo
procedure, nopass :: bar1
procedure, nopass :: bar2
procedure, nopass :: bar3
end type
module subroutine bar1(arg)
character(len=*) arg(:)
end subroutine
module subroutine bar2(arg)
character(len=*) arg(3:)
end subroutine
module subroutine bar3(arg)
character(len=*) arg(2)
end subroutine
end interface
module procedure bar1
if (lbound(arg, 1) .ne. 1) stop 1
if (arg(3) .ne. 'hijk') stop 2
end procedure
! Make sure that the lower bound of an assumed shape array dummy,
! if defined, is passed to the module procedure.
module procedure bar2
if (lbound(arg, 1) .ne. 3) stop 3
if (arg(3) .ne. 'abcd') stop 4
end procedure
! This makes sure that an dummy with explicit shape has the upper
! bound correctly set in the module procedure.
module procedure bar3
if (lbound(arg, 1) .ne. 1) stop 5
if (arg(3) .ne. 'hijk') stop 6 ! { dg-warning "is out of bounds" }
end procedure
end module
use foobar
character(4) :: list(3) = ['abcd', 'efgh' , 'hijk']
type(foo) :: f
call f%bar1(list)
call f%bar2(list)
call f%bar3(list)