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! Test if MIN and MAX intrinsics behave correctly when passed NaNs
! as arguments
! { dg-do run }
! { dg-add-options ieee }
module aux2
interface isnan
module procedure isnan_r
module procedure isnan_d
end interface isnan
interface isinf
module procedure isinf_r
module procedure isinf_d
end interface isinf
pure function isnan_r(x) result (isnan)
logical :: isnan
real, intent(in) :: x
isnan = (.not.(x == x))
end function isnan_r
pure function isnan_d(x) result (isnan)
logical :: isnan
double precision, intent(in) :: x
isnan = (.not.(x == x))
end function isnan_d
pure function isinf_r(x) result (isinf)
logical :: isinf
real, intent(in) :: x
isinf = (x > huge(x)) .or. (x < -huge(x))
end function isinf_r
pure function isinf_d(x) result (isinf)
logical :: isinf
double precision, intent(in) :: x
isinf = (x > huge(x)) .or. (x < -huge(x))
end function isinf_d
end module aux2
program test
use aux2
implicit none
real :: nan, large, inf
! Create a NaN and check it
nan = 0
nan = nan / nan
if (nan == nan .or. nan > nan .or. nan < nan .or. nan >= nan &
.or. nan <= nan) STOP 1
if (isnan (2.d0) .or. (.not. isnan(nan)) .or. &
(.not. isnan(real(nan,kind=kind(2.d0))))) STOP 2
! Create an INF and check it
large = huge(large)
inf = 2 * large
if (isinf(nan) .or. isinf(large) .or. .not. isinf(inf)) STOP 3
if (isinf(-nan) .or. isinf(-large) .or. .not. isinf(-inf)) STOP 4
! Check that MIN and MAX behave correctly
if (.not. isnan(min(nan,nan))) STOP 13
if (.not. isnan(max(nan,nan))) STOP 14
! Same thing, with more arguments
if (.not. isnan(min(nan,nan,nan))) STOP 27
if (.not. isnan(max(nan,nan,nan))) STOP 28
if (.not. isnan(min(nan,nan,nan,nan))) STOP 29
if (.not. isnan(max(nan,nan,nan,nan))) STOP 30
if (.not. isnan(min(nan,nan,nan,nan,nan))) STOP 31
if (.not. isnan(max(nan,nan,nan,nan,nan))) STOP 32
! Large values, INF and NaNs
if (.not. isinf(max(large, inf))) STOP 33
if (isinf(min(large, inf))) STOP 34
if (.not. isinf(min(-large, -inf))) STOP 41
if (isinf(max(-large, -inf))) STOP 42
end program test