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! Program to test conversion. Does not actualy test the generated code
program convert
implicit none
integer(kind=4) i
integer(kind=8) m
real(kind=4) r
real(kind=8) q
complex(kind=4) c
complex(kind=8) z
! each of these should generate a single intrinsic conversion expression
i = int(i)
i = int(m)
i = int(r)
i = int(q)
i = int(c)
i = int(z)
m = int(i, kind=8)
m = int(m, kind=8)
m = int(r, kind=8)
m = int(q, kind=8)
m = int(c, kind=8)
m = int(z, kind=8)
r = real(i)
r = real(m)
r = real(r)
r = real(q)
r = real(c)
r = real(z, kind=4)
q = real(i, kind=8)
q = real(m, kind=8)
q = real(r, kind=8)
q = real(q, kind=8)
q = real(c, kind=8)
! Note real(<complex>) returns the type kind of the argument.
q = real(z)
end program