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! PR fortran/33276
! this used to crash due to an uninitialized variable in expand_iterator.
module foo
type buffer_type
integer(kind=kind(1)) :: item_end
character(256) :: string
end type
type textfile_type
type(buffer_type) :: buffer
end type
function rest_of_line(self) result(res)
type(textfile_type) :: self
intent(inout) :: self
character(128) :: res
res = self%buffer%string(self%buffer%item_end+1: )
end function
subroutine read_intvec_ptr(v)
integer(kind=kind(1)), dimension(:), pointer :: v
integer(kind=kind(1)) :: dim,f,l,i
if (dim>0) then; v = (/ (i, i=f,l) /)
end if
end subroutine