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/* { dg-do run } */
extern "C" {
extern void abort (void);
extern int strcmp (const char *, const char *);
template <class T>
struct Vec {
T x, y;
long z;
long long zz;
typedef struct {
float fscalar;
double dv[10];
int iscalar;
long z;
long long zz;
Vec<const signed char> cv;
} anonymous;
//Vec<double> dd;
const char *enc = @encode(Vec<float>);
const char *enc2 = @encode(Vec<double>);
const char *enc3 = @encode(anonymous);
#ifdef __LP64__
#define L "q"
#define L "l"
/* Darwin (at least, as of XCode 3.2.3/Darwin10) does not encode the read-only
attribute on the type. Arguably, this is a bug, but we are compatible
with this when -fnext-runtime is selected. */
#ifdef __NEXT_RUNTIME__
#define E3 "{?=f[10d]i" L "q{Vec<const signed char>=cc" L "q}}"
#define E3 "{?=f[10d]i" L "q{Vec<const signed char>=rcrc" L "q}}"
int main(void) {
const char *encode = @encode(long);
if (strcmp (encode, L))
abort ();
if (strcmp (enc, (const char *)"{Vec<float>=ff" L "q}"))
abort ();
if (strcmp (enc2, (const char *)"{Vec<double>=dd" L "q}"))
abort ();
if (strcmp (enc3, (const char *) E3))
abort ();
return 0;