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/* bc-emit.h - declare entry points for producing object files of bytecodes. */
/* Internal format of symbol table for the object file. */
struct bc_sym
/* Private copy separately malloc'd. */
char *name;
/* Symbol has a defined value. */
unsigned int defined:1;
/* Symbol has been globalized. */
unsigned int global:1;
/* Symbol is common. */
unsigned int common:1;
/* Value if defined. */
unsigned long int val;
/* Used in internal symbol table structure. */
struct bc_sym *next;
/* List of symbols defined in a particular segment. */
struct bc_segsym
struct bc_sym *sym;
struct bc_segsym *next;
/* List of relocations needed in a particular segment. */
struct bc_segreloc
/* Offset of datum to be relocated. */
unsigned int offset;
/* Symbol to be relocated by. */
struct bc_sym *sym;
struct bc_segreloc *next;
/* Segment of an object file. */
struct bc_seg
/* Size allocated to contents. */
unsigned int alloc;
/* Pointer to base of contents. */
char *data;
/* Actual size of contents. */
unsigned int size;
/* List of symbols defined in this segment. */
struct bc_segsym *syms;
/* List of relocations for this segment. */
struct bc_segreloc *relocs;
/* Anonymous bytecode label within a single function. */
struct bc_label
/* Offset of label from start of segment. */
unsigned int offset;
/* True when offset is valid. */
unsigned int defined:1;
/* Unique bytecode ID, used to determine innermost
block containment */
int uid;
/* Next node in list */
struct bc_label *next;
/* Reference to a bc_label; a list of all such references is kept for
the function, then when it is finished they are backpatched to
contain the correct values. */
struct bc_labelref
/* Label referenced. */
struct bc_label *label;
/* Code offset of reference. */
unsigned int offset;
/* Next labelref in list */
struct bc_labelref *next;
extern void bc_initialize();
extern int bc_begin_function();
extern char *bc_emit_trampoline();
extern void bc_emit_bytecode();
extern void bc_emit_bytecode_const();
extern struct bc_label *bc_get_bytecode_label();
extern int bc_emit_bytecode_labeldef();
extern void bc_emit_bytecode_labelref();
extern void bc_emit_code_labelref();
extern char *bc_end_function();
extern void bc_align_const();
extern void bc_emit_const();
extern void bc_emit_const_skip();
extern int bc_emit_const_labeldef();
extern void bc_emit_const_labelref();
extern void bc_align_data();
extern void bc_emit_data();
extern void bc_emit_data_skip();
extern int bc_emit_data_labeldef();
extern void bc_emit_data_labelref();
extern int bc_define_pointer ();
extern int bc_emit_common();
extern void bc_globalize_label();
extern void bc_text();
extern void bc_data();
extern void bc_align();
extern void bc_emit();
extern void bc_emit_skip();
extern int bc_emit_labeldef();
extern void bc_emit_labelref();
extern void bc_write_file();