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* Copyright 2010-2016 Intel Corporation.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation, version 2.1.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
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* 02110-1301 USA.
* Disclaimer: The codes contained in these modules may be specific
* to the Intel Software Development Platform codenamed Knights Ferry,
* and the Intel product codenamed Knights Corner, and are not backward
* compatible with other Intel products. Additionally, Intel will NOT
* support the codes or instruction set in future products.
* Intel offers no warranty of any kind regarding the code. This code is
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// Originally generated via:
// cd include;
// ctags -x --c-kinds=fp -R sink/ source/ common/ | grep -v COIX | awk '{print "__asm__(\".symver "$1"1,"$1"@@COI_1.0\");"}'
// These directives must have an associated linker script with VERSION stuff.
// See
// Passed in as
// -Wl,--version-script
// when building Intel(R) Coprocessor Offload Infrastructure (Intel(R) COI)
// See for more info
// This is not strictly a .h file, so no need to #pragma once or anything.
// You must include these asm directives in the same translation unit as the
// one where the function body is.
// Otherwise we'd have add this file to the list of files needed to build
// libcoi*, instead of including it in each of the api/*/*cpp files.
__asm__(".symver COIBufferAddRef1,COIBufferAddRef@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferCopy1,COIBufferCopy@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferCreate1,COIBufferCreate@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferCreateFromMemory1,COIBufferCreateFromMemory@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferDestroy1,COIBufferDestroy@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferGetSinkAddress1,COIBufferGetSinkAddress@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferMap1,COIBufferMap@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferRead1,COIBufferRead@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferReleaseRef1,COIBufferReleaseRef@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferSetState1,COIBufferSetState@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferUnmap1,COIBufferUnmap@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIBufferWrite1,COIBufferWrite@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIEngineGetCount1,COIEngineGetCount@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIEngineGetHandle1,COIEngineGetHandle@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIEngineGetIndex1,COIEngineGetIndex@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIEngineGetInfo1,COIEngineGetInfo@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIEventRegisterCallback1,COIEventRegisterCallback@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIEventWait1,COIEventWait@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIPerfGetCycleFrequency1,COIPerfGetCycleFrequency@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIPipelineClearCPUMask1,COIPipelineClearCPUMask@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIPipelineCreate1,COIPipelineCreate@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIPipelineDestroy1,COIPipelineDestroy@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIPipelineRunFunction1,COIPipelineRunFunction@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIPipelineSetCPUMask1,COIPipelineSetCPUMask@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIPipelineStartExecutingRunFunctions1,COIPipelineStartExecutingRunFunctions@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessCreateFromFile1,COIProcessCreateFromFile@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessCreateFromMemory1,COIProcessCreateFromMemory@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessDestroy1,COIProcessDestroy@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessGetFunctionHandles1,COIProcessGetFunctionHandles@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessLoadLibraryFromMemory2,COIProcessLoadLibraryFromMemory@COI_2.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessRegisterLibraries1,COIProcessRegisterLibraries@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessUnloadLibrary1,COIProcessUnloadLibrary@@COI_1.0");
__asm__(".symver COIProcessWaitForShutdown1,COIProcessWaitForShutdown@@COI_1.0");