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with "libgnat_common";
library project Libgnarl is
for Languages use ("Ada", "C");
for Source_Dirs use (".");
for Source_List_File use "libgnarl.lst";
for Object_Dir use "../obj-" & Libgnat_Common.Library_Kind;
for Library_Name use "gnarl";
for Library_Dir use "../adalib";
for Library_Kind use Libgnat_Common.Library_Kind;
package Compiler is
for Switches ("C") use Libgnat_Common.C_Flags;
for Switches ("Ada") use Libgnat_Common.Ada_Flags;
for Switches ("s-tasdeb.adb") use
Libgnat_Common.Ada_Flags &
Libgnat_Common.Force_Debug &
-- Compile s-tasdeb.o without optimization and with debug info so that
-- it is always possible to set conditional breakpoints on tasks.
end Compiler;
end Libgnarl;