;; m32c constraints ;; Copyright (C) 2012-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc. ;; ;; This file is part of GCC. ;; ;; GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it ;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by ;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) ;; any later version. ;; ;; GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ;; ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY ;; or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public ;; License for more details. ;; ;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License ;; along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see ;; http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.

(define_register_constraint “Rsp” “SP_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rfb” “FB_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rsb” “SB_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rcr” “TARGET_A16 ? CR_REGS : NO_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rcl” “TARGET_A24 ? CR_REGS : NO_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R0w” “R0_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R1w” “R1_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R2w” “R2_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R3w” “R3_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R02” “R02_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R13” “R13_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R03” “R03_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rdi” “DI_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rhl” “HL_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “R23” “R23_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Ra0” “A0_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Ra1” “A1_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Raa” “A_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Raw” “TARGET_A16 ? A_REGS : NO_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Ral” “TARGET_A24 ? A_REGS : NO_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rqi” “QI_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rad” “AD_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rsi” “SI_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rhi” “HI_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rhc” “HC_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rra” “RA_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rfl” “FLG_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rmm” “fixed_regs[MEM0_REGNO] ? NO_REGS : MEM_REGS” “@internal”)

(define_register_constraint “Rpi” “TARGET_A16 ? HI_REGS : RA_REGS” “@internal”)

;;; For integer constant constraints: ;;; s=signed u=unsigned n=nonzero m=minus l=log2able, ;;; [sun] bits [SUN] bytes, p=pointer size ;;; I[-0-9][0-9] matches that number

(define_constraint “Is3” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, -8, 7)”)))

(define_constraint “IS1” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, -128, 127)”)))

(define_constraint “IS2” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, -32768, 32767)”)))

(define_constraint “IU2” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, 0, 65535)”)))

(define_constraint “IU3” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, 0, 0x00ffffff)”)))

(define_constraint “In4” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, -8, 8) && ival”)))

(define_constraint “In5” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, -16, 16) && ival”)))

(define_constraint “In6” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, -32, 32) && ival”)))

(define_constraint “IM2” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (ival, -65536, -1)”)))

(define_constraint “Ilb” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (exact_log2 (ival), 0, 7)”)))

(define_constraint “Imb” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (exact_log2 ((ival ^ 0xff) & 0xff), 0, 7)”)))

(define_constraint “ImB” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (exact_log2 ((ival ^ 0xffff) & 0xffff), 0, 7)”)))

(define_constraint “Ilw” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (exact_log2 (ival), 0, 15)”)))

(define_constraint “Imw” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “IN_RANGE (exact_log2 ((ival ^ 0xffff) & 0xffff), 0, 15)”)))

(define_constraint “I00” “@internal” (and (match_code “const_int”) (match_test “ival == 0”)))

(define_memory_constraint “SF” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_SF)”))

(define_memory_constraint “Sd” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Sd)”))

(define_memory_constraint “Sa” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Sa)”))

(define_memory_constraint “Si” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Si)”))

(define_memory_constraint “Ss” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Ss)”))

(define_memory_constraint “Sf” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Sf)”))

(define_memory_constraint “Sb” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Sb)”))

(define_memory_constraint “Sp” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Sp)”))

(define_memory_constraint “S1” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_S1)”))

(define_constraint “Rpa” “@internal” (match_test “m32c_matches_constraint_p (op, CONSTRAINT_Rpa)”))