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// PR c++/61355
// Verify we perform array-to-pointer and function-to-pointer conversion
// on the substituted/deduced type of an NTTP.
int f();
int p[5];
namespace cpp98 {
template<class T, T> struct X;
typedef X<int(), f> ty1;
typedef X<int[5], p> ty2;
namespace cpp11 {
#if __cpp_variadic_templates
template<class T, T...> struct X;
using ty1 = X<int(), f>;
using ty2 = X<int[5], p>;
namespace cpp17 {
#if __cpp_nontype_template_parameter_auto
template<decltype(auto)> struct X;
using ty1 = X<f>;
using ty2 = X<p>;
template<decltype(auto)...> struct Y;
using ty3 = Y<f>;
using ty4 = Y<p>;