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// PR c++/23667
// { dg-options "-std=gnu++98" }
template<int dummy>
struct X
static const int n_primes = 256;
static const unsigned long primes[n_primes + 1];
template<int dummy>
const int X<dummy>::n_primes;
template<int dummy>
const unsigned long X<dummy>::primes[n_primes + 1] =
2ul, 3ul, 5ul, 7ul, 11ul, 13ul, 17ul, 19ul, 23ul, 29ul, 31ul,
37ul, 41ul, 43ul, 47ul, 53ul, 59ul, 61ul, 67ul, 71ul, 73ul, 79ul,
83ul, 89ul, 97ul, 103ul, 109ul, 113ul, 127ul, 137ul, 139ul, 149ul,
157ul, 167ul, 179ul, 193ul, 199ul, 211ul, 227ul, 241ul, 257ul,
277ul, 293ul, 313ul, 337ul, 359ul, 383ul, 409ul, 439ul, 467ul,
503ul, 541ul, 577ul, 619ul, 661ul, 709ul, 761ul, 823ul, 887ul,
953ul, 1031ul, 1109ul, 1193ul, 1289ul, 1381ul, 1493ul, 1613ul,
1741ul, 1879ul, 2029ul, 2179ul, 2357ul, 2549ul, 2753ul, 2971ul,
3209ul, 3469ul, 3739ul, 4027ul, 4349ul, 4703ul, 5087ul, 5503ul,
5953ul, 6427ul, 6949ul, 7517ul, 8123ul, 8783ul, 9497ul, 10273ul,
11113ul, 12011ul, 12983ul, 14033ul, 15173ul, 16411ul, 17749ul,
19183ul, 20753ul, 22447ul, 24281ul, 26267ul, 28411ul, 30727ul,
33223ul, 35933ul, 38873ul, 42043ul, 45481ul, 49201ul, 53201ul,
57557ul, 62233ul, 67307ul, 72817ul, 78779ul, 85229ul, 92203ul,
99733ul, 107897ul, 116731ul, 126271ul, 136607ul, 147793ul,
159871ul, 172933ul, 187091ul, 202409ul, 218971ul, 236897ul,
256279ul, 277261ul, 299951ul, 324503ul, 351061ul, 379787ul,
410857ul, 444487ul, 480881ul, 520241ul, 562841ul, 608903ul,
658753ul, 712697ul, 771049ul, 834181ul, 902483ul, 976369ul,
1056323ul, 1142821ul, 1236397ul, 1337629ul, 1447153ul, 1565659ul,
1693859ul, 1832561ul, 1982627ul, 2144977ul, 2320627ul, 2510653ul,
2716249ul, 2938679ul, 3179303ul, 3439651ul, 3721303ul, 4026031ul,
4355707ul, 4712381ul, 5098259ul, 5515729ul, 5967347ul, 6456007ul,
6984629ul, 7556579ul, 8175383ul, 8844859ul, 9569143ul, 10352717ul,
11200489ul, 12117689ul, 13109983ul, 14183539ul, 15345007ul,
16601593ul, 17961079ul, 19431899ul, 21023161ul, 22744717ul,
24607243ul, 26622317ul, 28802401ul, 31160981ul, 33712729ul,
36473443ul, 39460231ul, 42691603ul, 46187573ul, 49969847ul,
54061849ul, 58488943ul, 63278561ul, 68460391ul, 74066549ul,
80131819ul, 86693767ul, 93793069ul, 101473717ul, 109783337ul,
118773397ul, 128499677ul, 139022417ul, 150406843ul, 162723577ul,
176048909ul, 190465427ul, 206062531ul, 222936881ul, 241193053ul,
260944219ul, 282312799ul, 305431229ul, 330442829ul, 357502601ul,
386778277ul, 418451333ul, 452718089ul, 489790921ul, 529899637ul,
573292817ul, 620239453ul, 671030513ul, 725980837ul, 785430967ul,
849749479ul, 919334987ul, 994618837ul, 1076067617ul, 1164186217ul,
1259520799ul, 1362662261ul, 1474249943ul, 1594975441ul,
1725587117ul, 1866894511ul, 2019773507ul, 2185171673ul,
2364114217ul, 2557710269ul, 2767159799ul, 2993761039ul,
3238918481ul, 3504151727ul, 3791104843ul, 4101556399ul,
4294967291ul // sentinel so we don't have to test result of
// lower_bound
template<bool b>
struct static_assert;
struct static_assert<true> { };
int main()
static_assert< X<0>::n_primes == 256 >();