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! { dg-do run }
! Test fix of PR28118, in which a substring reference to an
! actual argument with an array reference would cause a segfault.
! Contributed by Paul Thomas <>
program gfcbug33
character(12) :: a(2)
a(1) = "abcdefghijkl"
a(2) = "mnopqrstuvwx"
call foo ((a(2:1:-1)(6:)))
call bar ((a(:)(7:11)))
subroutine foo (chr)
character(7) :: chr(:)
if (chr(1)//chr(2) .ne. "rstuvwxfghijkl") STOP 1
end subroutine foo
subroutine bar (chr)
character(*) :: chr(:)
if (trim(chr(1))//trim(chr(2)) .ne. "ghijkstuvw") STOP 2
end subroutine bar
end program gfcbug33