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! { dg-do run }
! { dg-options "-std=legacy" }
! This tests the fix for PR24276, which originated from the Loren P. Meissner example,
! Array_List. The PR concerns dummy argument aliassing of components of arrays of derived
! types as arrays of the type of the component. gfortran would compile and run this
! example but the stride used did not match the actual argument. This test case exercises
! a procedure call (to foo2, below) that is identical to Array_List's.
! Contributed by Paul Thomas <>
program test_lex
type :: dtype
integer :: n
character*5 :: word
end type dtype
type :: list
type(dtype), dimension(4) :: list
integer :: l = 4
end type list
type(list) :: table
type(dtype) :: elist(2,2)
table%list = (/dtype (1 , "one "), dtype (2 , "two "), dtype (3 , "three"), dtype (4 , "four ")/)
! Test 1D with assumed shape (original bug) and assumed size.
call bar (table, 2, 4)
if (any ("one ","i= 2","three","i= 4"/))) STOP 1
elist = reshape (table%list, (/2,2/))
! Check 2D is OK with assumed shape and assumed size.
call foo3 (elist%word, 1)
call foo1 (elist%word, 3)
if (any ( ((/"i= 1","i= 2","i= 3","i= 4"/), (/2,2/)))) STOP 2
subroutine bar (table, n, m)
type(list) :: table
integer n, m
call foo1 (table%list(:table%l)%word, n)
call foo2 (table%list(:table%l)%word, m)
end subroutine bar
subroutine foo1 (slist, i)
character(*), dimension(*) :: slist
integer i
write (slist(i), '(2hi=,i3)') i
end subroutine foo1
subroutine foo2 (slist, i)
character(5), dimension(:) :: slist
integer i
write (slist(i), '(2hi=,i3)') i
end subroutine foo2
subroutine foo3 (slist, i)
character(5), dimension(:,:) :: slist
integer i
write (slist(1,1), '(2hi=,i3)') i
end subroutine foo3
end program test_lex