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! { dg-do run }
! Test the fix for PR38802, in which the nulling of the result 'p'
! in 'a_fun' would cause a segfault.
! Posted on the gfortran list by Marco Restelli
module mod_a
implicit none
public :: a_fun, t_1, t_2
type t_1
real :: coeff
end type t_1
type t_2
type(t_1), allocatable :: mons(:)
end type t_2
function a_fun(r) result(p)
integer, intent(in) :: r
type(t_2) :: p(r+1)
p = t_2 ([t_1 (99)])
end function a_fun
end module mod_a
program test
use mod_a, only: a_fun, t_1, t_2
implicit none
type(t_2) x(1)
x = a_fun(0)
if (any (x(1)%mons%coeff .ne. 99)) STOP 1
end program test