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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR67091 in which the first call to associated
! gave a bad result because the 'target' argument was not being
! correctly handled.
! Contributed by 'FortranFan' on clf.
module m
implicit none
type, public :: t
integer, pointer :: m_i
procedure, pass(this), public :: iptr => getptr
procedure, pass(this), public :: setptr
end type t
subroutine setptr( this, iptr )
!.. Argument list
class(t), intent(inout) :: this
integer, pointer, intent(inout) :: iptr
this%m_i => iptr
end subroutine setptr
function getptr( this ) result( iptr )
!.. Argument list
class(t), intent(in) :: this
!.. Function result
integer, pointer :: iptr
iptr => this%m_i
end function getptr
end module m
program p
use m, only : t
integer, pointer :: i
integer, pointer :: j
type(t) :: foo
!.. create i with some value
allocate (i, source=42)
call foo%setptr (i)
if (.not.associated (i, foo%iptr())) STOP 1 ! Gave bad result.
if (.not.associated (foo%iptr(), i)) STOP 2 ! Was OK.
j => foo%iptr()
if (.not.associated (i, j)) STOP 1! Was OK.
end program p