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! { dg-do compile }
! PR fortran/58579
! Contributed by Joost VandeVondele
! Was ICEing before due to the patch for PR 58593
subroutine test
CHARACTER(len=20) :: tmpStr
CHARACTER(len=20, kind=4) :: tmpStr4
INTEGER :: output_unit=6
WRITE (UNIT=output_unit,FMT="(T2,A,T61,A20)")&
"DFT| Self-interaction correction (SIC)",ADJUSTR(TRIM(tmpstr))
WRITE (UNIT=output_unit,FMT="(T2,A,T61,A20)")&
4_"DFT| Self-interaction correction (SIC)",ADJUSTR(TRIM(tmpstr4))
! PR fortran/58593
! Contributed by Albert Bartok
! The PR was overallocating memory. I placed it here to check for a
! variant of the test case above, which takes a slightly differnt code
! patch. Thus, its purpose is just to ensure that it won't ICE.
program test_char
implicit none
integer :: i
read*, i
print*, trim(test(i))
function test(i)
integer, intent(in) :: i
character(len=i) :: test
test(1:1) = "A"
endfunction test
endprogram test_char