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! { dg-do compile }
! Checks the fix for a regression PR32526, which was caused by
! the patch for PR31494. The problem here was that the symbol
! 'new' was determined to be ambiguous.
! Contributed by Michael Richmond <>
module P_Class
implicit none
private :: init_Personnel
interface new
module procedure init_Personnel
end interface
subroutine init_Personnel(this)
integer, intent (in) :: this
print *, "init personnel", this
end subroutine init_Personnel
end module P_Class
module S_Class
use P_Class
implicit none
private :: init_Student
type Student
integer :: personnel = 1
end type Student
interface new
module procedure init_Student
end interface
subroutine init_Student(this)
type (Student), intent (in) :: this
call new(this%personnel)
end subroutine init_Student
end module S_Class
module T_Class
use P_Class
implicit none
private :: init_Teacher
type Teacher
integer :: personnel = 2
end type Teacher
interface new
module procedure init_Teacher
end interface
subroutine init_Teacher(this)
type (Teacher), intent (in) :: this
call new(this%personnel)
end subroutine init_Teacher
end module T_Class
module poly_Class
use S_Class
use T_Class
end module poly_Class
module D_Class
use poly_Class
end module D_Class
use D_Class
type (Teacher) :: a
type (Student) :: b
call new (a)
call new (b)