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! { dg-do compile }
! Test our conformance to item 4.9 ("Kind type parameters of integer
! specifiers") of the Fortran 2003 status document at
! The non-default integer variables are allowed since Fortran 2003.
! The non-default logical variables are allowed since Fortran 2008.
integer(kind=8) :: i, j, k, n
logical(kind=8) :: l1, l2, l3
open(10, status="scratch", iostat=i)
backspace(10, iostat=i)
endfile(10, iostat=i)
rewind(10, iostat=i)
read(*, '(I2)', iostat=i) k
read(*, '(I2)', advance='no', size=j) k
inquire(iolength=i) "42"
inquire(10, iostat=i)
inquire(10, number=j)
inquire(10, recl=k)
inquire(10, nextrec=n)
inquire(10, exist=l1)
inquire(10, named=l3)
inquire(10, opened=l2)
inquire(10, pending=l2)
close(10, iostat=i)