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! { dg-do run }
! Test implementation of the iomsg tag.
program iomsg_test
character(len=70) ch
! Test that iomsg is left unchanged with no error
ch = 'asdf'
open(10, status='scratch', iomsg=ch, iostat=i)
if (ch .ne. 'asdf') STOP 1
! Test iomsg with data transfer statement
read(10,'(I2)', iomsg=ch, end=100) k
100 continue
if (ch .ne. 'End of file') STOP 3
! Test iomsg with open
open (-3, err=200, iomsg=ch)
200 continue
if (ch .ne. 'Bad unit number in OPEN statement') STOP 5
! Test iomsg with close
close(23,status="no_idea", err=500, iomsg=ch) ! { dg-warning "STATUS specifier in CLOSE statement.*has invalid value" }
500 continue
if (ch .ne. "Bad STATUS parameter in CLOSE statement") STOP 6
end program iomsg_test