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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR33998, in which the chain of expressions
! determining the character length of my_string were not being
! resolved by the formal to actual mapping.
! Contributed by Tobias Burnus <>
module test
implicit none
function my_string(x)
integer i
real, intent(in) :: x(:)
character(0) h4(1:minval([(i,i=30,32), 15]))
character(0) sv1(size(x,1):size(h4))
character(0) sv2(2*lbound(sv1,1):size(h4))
character(lbound(sv2,1)-3) my_string
do i = 1, len(my_string)
my_string(i:i) = achar(modulo(i-1,10)+iachar('0'))
end do
end function my_string
end module test
program len_test
use test
implicit none
real x(7)
if (my_string(x) .ne. "01234567890") STOP 1
end program len_test