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! { dg-do run }
! Tests the fix for PR67177 in which MOVE_ALLOC was not assigning the string
! length for deferred length characters.
! Contributed by <>
program str
implicit none
type string
character(:), Allocatable :: text
end type string
type strings
type(string), allocatable, dimension(:) :: strlist
end type strings
type(strings) :: teststrs
type(string) :: tmpstr
integer :: strlen = 20
allocate (teststrs%strlist(1))
allocate (character(len=strlen) :: tmpstr%text)
allocate (character(len=strlen) :: teststrs%strlist(1)%text)
! Full string reference was required because reallocation on assignment is
! functioning when it should not if the lhs is a substring - PR67977
tmpstr%text(1:3) = 'foo'
if (.not.allocated (teststrs%strlist(1)%text)) STOP 1
if (len (tmpstr%text) .ne. strlen) STOP 2
call move_alloc(tmpstr%text,teststrs%strlist(1)%text)
if (.not.allocated (teststrs%strlist(1)%text)) STOP 3
if (len (teststrs%strlist(1)%text) .ne. strlen) STOP 4
if (trim (teststrs%strlist(1)%text(1:3)) .ne. 'foo') STOP 5
! Clean up so that valgrind reports all allocated memory freed.
if (allocated (teststrs%strlist(1)%text)) deallocate (teststrs%strlist(1)%text)
if (allocated (teststrs%strlist)) deallocate (teststrs%strlist)
end program str