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! { dg-do compile }
! PR fortran/32738
! A regression that mysteriously appeared and disappeared again.
! Added to the testsuite "just in case".
! Contributed by Michael Richmond <michael DOT a DOT richmond AT nasa DT gov>
module cluster_definition
implicit none
integer, parameter, public:: cluster_size = 1000
end module cluster_definition
module cluster_tree
use cluster_definition, only: ct_cluster_size => cluster_size
implicit none
private:: ct_initialize, ct_dealloc, ct_tree_size
public:: initialize, dealloc, tree_size
interface initialize
module procedure ct_initialize
end interface
interface dealloc
module procedure ct_dealloc
end interface
interface tree_size
module procedure ct_tree_size
end interface
subroutine ct_initialize()
end subroutine ct_initialize
subroutine ct_dealloc()
end subroutine ct_dealloc
function ct_tree_size(t) result(s)
integer :: t
integer :: s
s = 0
end function ct_tree_size
end module cluster_tree
program example
use cluster_tree
implicit none
print *, tree_size(1)
end program example