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-- { dg-do run }
with System.Storage_Elements; use System.Storage_Elements;
with Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation;
procedure Allocator_Maxalign1 is
Max_Alignment : constant := Standard'Maximum_Alignment;
type Block is record
X : Integer;
end record;
for Block'Alignment use Standard'Maximum_Alignment;
type Block_Access is access all Block;
procedure Free is new Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation (Block, Block_Access);
N_Blocks : constant := 500;
Blocks : array (1 .. N_Blocks) of Block_Access;
if Block'Alignment /= Max_Alignment then
raise Program_Error;
end if;
for K in 1 .. 4 loop
for I in Blocks'Range loop
Blocks (I) := new Block;
if Blocks (I).all'Address mod Block'Alignment /= 0 then
raise Program_Error;
end if;
Blocks(I).all.X := I;
end loop;
for I in Blocks'Range loop
Free (Blocks (I));
end loop;
end loop;