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with Ada.Containers.Functional_Vectors;
with Ada.Containers; use Ada.Containers;
type Element_Type (<>) is private;
type Element_Model (<>) is private;
with function Model (X : Element_Type) return Element_Model is <>;
with function Copy (X : Element_Type) return Element_Type is <>;
package Aspect2 with SPARK_Mode is
pragma Unevaluated_Use_Of_Old (Allow);
type Vector is private;
function Length (V : Vector) return Natural;
procedure Foo;
type Element_Access is access Element_Type;
type Element_Array is array (Positive range <>) of Element_Access with
Dynamic_Predicate => Element_Array'First = 1;
type Element_Array_Access is access Element_Array;
type Vector is record
Top : Natural := 0;
Content : Element_Array_Access;
end record;
function Length (V : Vector) return Natural is
end Aspect2;