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-- { dg-do compile }
with My_Env_Versioned_Value_Set_G;
package body Env_Compile_Capacity is
with package Env_Obj_Set_Instance is
new My_Env_Versioned_Value_Set_G(<>);
with function Updated_Entity (Value : Env_Obj_Set_Instance.Value_T)
return Boolean is <>;
with package Entity_Upd_Iteration is
new Env_Obj_Set_Instance.Update_G (Updated_Entity);
procedure Compile_G;
procedure Compile_G is begin null; end;
package My_Env_Aerodrome is
new My_Env_Versioned_Value_Set_G (Value_T => String);
function Updated_Entity (Id : in String) return Boolean is
begin return True; end;
package Iteration_Aerodrome_Arrival is
new My_Env_Aerodrome.Update_G (Updated_Entity);
procedure Aerodrome_Arrival is new Compile_G
(Env_Obj_Set_Instance => My_Env_Aerodrome,
Updated_Entity => Updated_Entity,
Entity_Upd_Iteration => Iteration_Aerodrome_Arrival);
end Env_Compile_Capacity;