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-- { dg-do compile }
procedure Iter4 is
package Root is
type Result is tagged record
B : Boolean;
end record;
type T is tagged record
I : Integer;
end record
with Iterable => (First => Pkg.First, -- { dg-error "primitive operation for Iterable type must appear in the same list of declarations as the type" }
Next => Pkg.Next,
Has_Element => Pkg.Has_Element,
Element => Pkg.Element);
package Pkg is
function First (Dummy : T) return Natural is (0);
function Next (Dummy : T; Cursor : Natural) return Natural is
(Cursor + 1);
function Has_Element (Value : T; Cursor : Natural) return Boolean is
(Cursor <= Value.I);
function Element (Dummy : T; Cursor : Natural) return Result is
((B => Cursor mod 2 = 0));
end Pkg;
end Root;
package Derived is
type T is new Root.T with record
C : Character;
end record;
end Derived;