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with System;
package Loop_Optimization2 is
type Prim_Ptr is access procedure;
type Address_Array is array (Positive range <>) of Prim_Ptr;
subtype Dispatch_Table is Address_Array (1 .. 1);
type Tag is access all Dispatch_Table;
type Tag_Array is array (Positive range <>) of Tag;
function Interface_Ancestor_Tags (T : Tag) return Tag_Array;
type Interface_Data_Element is record
Iface_Tag : Tag;
end record;
type Interfaces_Array is array (Natural range <>) of Interface_Data_Element;
type Interface_Data (Nb_Ifaces : Positive) is record
Ifaces_Table : Interfaces_Array (1 .. Nb_Ifaces);
end record;
type Interface_Data_Ptr is access all Interface_Data;
type Type_Specific_Data (Idepth : Natural) is record
Interfaces_Table : Interface_Data_Ptr;
end record;
type Type_Specific_Data_Ptr is access all Type_Specific_Data;
pragma No_Strict_Aliasing (Type_Specific_Data_Ptr);
subtype Predef_Prims_Table is Address_Array (1 .. 16);
type Predef_Prims_Table_Ptr is access Predef_Prims_Table;
type Addr_Ptr is access System.Address;
pragma No_Strict_Aliasing (Addr_Ptr);
end Loop_Optimization2;