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with Ada.Finalization;
with Interfaces;
with System;
package Opt85 is
type Data_Type is record
Value : Interfaces.Integer_16;
end record;
for Data_Type use record
Value at 0 range 0 .. 15;
end record;
for Data_Type'Alignment use 1;
for Data_Type'Size use 2 * System.Storage_Unit;
for Data_Type'Bit_Order use System.High_Order_First;
for Data_Type'Scalar_Storage_Order use System.High_Order_First;
type Header_Type is array (1 .. 1) of Boolean;
type Record_Type is new Ada.Finalization.Controlled with record
Header : Header_Type;
Data : Data_Type;
end record;
function Create (Value : Integer) return Record_Type;
end Opt85;