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-- { dg-do run }
-- This test checks that we can allocate more than 2GB on systems with word
-- sizes larger than 32-bits
with Ada.Strings.Fixed; use Ada.Strings.Fixed;
procedure Sec_Stack1 is
function Get_A_Big_String return String;
-- Return a very close to 2GB string on the secondary stack that would
-- overflow the secondary stack if we still had a 2GB limit.
function Get_A_Big_String return String is
String_Size : constant Natural := Natural'Last;
return String_Size * 'a';
end Get_A_Big_String;
-- This test only works on systems with more than 32-bits
if Standard'Address_Size > 32 then
R : String := Get_A_Big_String;
begin null; end;
end if;
end Sec_Stack1;