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-- { dg-do run }
with Ada.Text_IO;
use Ada.Text_IO;
procedure Test_Enum_IO is
type Enum is (Literal);
package Enum_IO is new Enumeration_IO (Enum);
use Enum_IO;
File : File_Type;
Value: Enum;
Rest : String (1 ..30);
Last : Natural;
Create (File, Mode => Out_File);
Put_Line (File, "Literax0000000l note the 'l' at the end");
Reset (File, Mode => In_File);
Get (File, Value);
Get_Line (File, Rest, Last);
Close (File);
Put_Line (Enum'Image (Value) & Rest (1 .. Last));
raise Program_Error;
when Data_Error => null;
end Test_Enum_IO;