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package test_image_p is
type type1 is tagged private;
type type3 is limited private;
type type5 is tagged limited private;
type a_type5_class is access all type5'Class;
task type task_t (arg : access type3) is
entry entry1;
end task_t;
function to_type1 (arg1 : in Integer) return type1;
type array_t is array (Positive range <>) of type1;
type array_t2 is array (1 .. 3) of Boolean;
type type1 is tagged record
f2 : array_t2;
end record;
type type3 is limited record
the_task : aliased task_t (type3'Access);
the_array : array_t (1 .. 10) := (others => to_type1 (-1));
end record;
type type5 is tagged limited record
f3 : type3;
end record;