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# Copyright (C) 1997-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
# <>.
# Prune messages from gcc that aren't useful.
load_lib multiline.exp
# Add options to TEST_ALWAYS_FLAGS so that diagnostics have the expected output
# format. Note: You should not normally need to add more options here. If you
# have made a change to the default diagnostic output format and are wanting to
# undo that in the testsuite here, then please update the handling of
# -fdiagnostics-plain-output in opts-common.c instead.
if ![info exists TEST_ALWAYS_FLAGS] {
set TEST_ALWAYS_FLAGS "-fdiagnostics-plain-output $TEST_ALWAYS_FLAGS"
proc prune_gcc_output { text } {
global srcdir
#send_user "Before:$text\n"
# Handle any freeform regexps.
set text [handle-dg-regexps $text]
# Remove Windows .exe suffix
regsub -all "(as|cc1|cc1plus|collect2|f951|ld|lto-wrapper)\.exe?:" $text {\1:} text
regsub -all "(^|\n)(\[^\n\]*: \[iI\]|I)n ((static member |lambda )?function|member|method|(copy )?constructor|destructor|instantiation|substitution|program|subroutine|block-data)\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*(: )?At (top level|global scope):\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: (recursively )?required \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: . skipping \[0-9\]* instantiation contexts \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: in .constexpr. expansion \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: in requirements \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n) inlined from \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: error: ld returned \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: re(compiling|linking)\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)Please submit.*instructions\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[0-9\]\[0-9\]* errors\." $text "" text
# Diagnostic inclusion stack
regsub -all "(^|\n)(In file)?\[ \]+included from \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[ \]+from \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)(In|of) module( \[^\n \]*,)? imported at \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
global prune_notes
if { $prune_notes } {
# Ignore informational notes.
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: note: \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# Ignore harmless -fpic warnings.
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: warning: -f(pic|PIC) ignored for target\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: warning: -f(pic|PIC)( and -fpic are| is)? not supported\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# Ignore errata warning from IA64 assembler.
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: Additional NOP may be necessary to workaround Itanium processor A/B step errata" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n*\]*: Assembler messages:\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# Ignore harmless VTA note.
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: note: variable tracking size limit exceeded with -fvar-tracking-assignments, retrying without\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# It would be nice to avoid passing anything to gcc that would cause it to
# issue these messages (since ignoring them seems like a hack on our part),
# but that's too difficult in the general case. For example, sometimes
# you need to use -B to point gcc at crt0.o, but there are some targets
# that don't have crt0.o.
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*file path prefix \[^\n\]* never used" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*linker input file unused since linking not done" $text "" text
# Ignore harmless warnings from Xcode 3.2.x.
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*ld: warning: can't add line info to anonymous symbol\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*warning: DWARFDebugInfoEntry::AppendDependants\[^\n\]*AT_\[^\n\]*FORM_ref4\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*warning:\[^\n\]*TAG_variable: AT_location\[^\n\]*didn't have valid function low pc\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# Ignore harmless warnings from Xcode 4.0.
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*ld: warning: could not create compact unwind for\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# Ignore dsymutil warning (tool bug is actually linker)
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*could not find object file symbol for symbol\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# Ignore stabs obsoletion warnings
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*\[Ww\]arning: STABS debugging information is obsolete and not supported anymore\[^\n\]*" $text "" text
# If dg-enable-nn-line-numbers was provided, then obscure source-margin
# line numbers by converting them to "NN" form.
set text [maybe-handle-nn-line-numbers $text]
# Call into multiline.exp to handle any multiline output directives.
set text [handle-multiline-outputs $text]
#send_user "After:$text\n"
return $text
# escape metacharacters in literal string, so it can be used in regex
proc escape_regex_chars { line } {
return [string map {"^" "\\^"
"$" "\\$"
"(" "\\("
")" "\\)"
"[" "\\["
"]" "\\]"
"{" "\\{"
"}" "\\}"
"." "\\."
"\\" "\\\\"
"?" "\\?"
"+" "\\+"
"*" "\\*"
"|" "\\|"} $line]
proc prune_file_path { text } {
global srcdir
set safedir [escape_regex_chars $srcdir]
regsub -all "$safedir\/" $text "" text
# Truncate absolute file path into relative path.
set topdir "[file dirname [file dirname [file dirname $safedir]]]"
regsub -all "$topdir\/" $text "" text
return $text
# Prune internal compiler error messages, including the "Please submit..."
# footnote.
proc prune_ices { text } {
regsub -all "(^|\n)\[^\n\]*: internal compiler error:.*\nSee \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
regsub -all "(^|\n|')*Internal compiler error:.*\nSee \[^\n\]*" $text "" text
return $text
# Provide a definition of this if missing (delete after next dejagnu release).
if { [info procs prune_warnings] == "" } then {
proc prune_warnings { text } {
return $text