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//===-- sanitizer_stacktrace_printer.h --------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file is shared between sanitizers' run-time libraries.
#include "sanitizer_common.h"
#include "sanitizer_symbolizer.h"
namespace __sanitizer {
// Render the contents of "info" structure, which represents the contents of
// stack frame "frame_no" and appends it to the "buffer". "format" is a
// string with placeholders, which is copied to the output with
// placeholders substituted with the contents of "info". For example,
// format string
// " frame %n: function %F at %S"
// will be turned into
// " frame 10: function foo::bar() at my/"
// You may additionally pass "strip_path_prefix" to strip prefixes of paths to
// source files and modules, and "strip_func_prefix" to strip prefixes of
// function names.
// Here's the full list of available placeholders:
// %% - represents a '%' character;
// %n - frame number (copy of frame_no);
// %p - PC in hex format;
// %m - path to module (binary or shared object);
// %o - offset in the module in hex format;
// %f - function name;
// %q - offset in the function in hex format (*if available*);
// %s - path to source file;
// %l - line in the source file;
// %c - column in the source file;
// %F - if function is known to be <foo>, prints "in <foo>", possibly
// followed by the offset in this function, but only if source file
// is unknown;
// %S - prints file/line/column information;
// %L - prints location information: file/line/column, if it is known, or
// module+offset if it is known, or (<unknown module>) string.
// %M - prints module basename and offset, if it is known, or PC.
void RenderFrame(InternalScopedString *buffer, const char *format, int frame_no,
const AddressInfo &info, bool vs_style,
const char *strip_path_prefix = "",
const char *strip_func_prefix = "");
void RenderSourceLocation(InternalScopedString *buffer, const char *file,
int line, int column, bool vs_style,
const char *strip_path_prefix);
void RenderModuleLocation(InternalScopedString *buffer, const char *module,
uptr offset, ModuleArch arch,
const char *strip_path_prefix);
// Same as RenderFrame, but for data section (global variables).
// Accepts %s, %l from above.
// Also accepts:
// %g - name of the global variable.
void RenderData(InternalScopedString *buffer, const char *format,
const DataInfo *DI, const char *strip_path_prefix = "");
} // namespace __sanitizer