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# Update libquadmath code from glibc sources.
# Copyright (C) 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is part of the libquadmath library.
# Libquadmath is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
# version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# Libquadmath is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License along with libquadmath; if not, see
# <>.
# Usage: glibc_srcdir quadmath_srcdir
import argparse
from collections import defaultdict
import os.path
import re
def replace_in_file(repl_map, extra_map, src, dest):
"""Apply the replacements in repl_map, then those in extra_map, to the
file src, producing dest."""
with open(src, 'r') as src_file:
text =
for re_src, re_repl in sorted(repl_map.items()):
text = re.sub(re_src, re_repl, text)
for re_src, re_repl in sorted(extra_map.items()):
text = re.sub(re_src, re_repl, text)
text = text.rstrip() + '\n'
with open(dest, 'w') as dest_file:
def update_sources(glibc_srcdir, quadmath_srcdir):
"""Update libquadmath sources."""
glibc_ldbl128 = os.path.join(glibc_srcdir, 'sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128')
glibc_math = os.path.join(glibc_srcdir, 'math')
quadmath_math = os.path.join(quadmath_srcdir, 'math')
float128_h = os.path.join(glibc_srcdir,
repl_map = {}
# Use float128_private.h to get an initial list of names to
# replace for libquadmath.
repl_names = {}
with open(float128_h, 'r') as header:
for line in header:
line = line.strip()
if not line.startswith('#define '):
match = re.fullmatch('^#define[ \t]+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)'
'[ \t]+([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)', line)
if not match:
macro =
result =
result = result.replace('f128', 'q')
result = result.replace('__ieee754_', '')
if result not in ('__expq_table', '__sincosq_table',
result = result.replace('__', '')
result = result.replace('_do_not_use', '')
if result in ('rem_pio2q', 'kernel_sincosq', 'kernel_sinq',
'kernel_cosq', 'kernel_tanq', 'gammaq_r',
'gamma_productq', 'lgamma_negq', 'lgamma_productq',
'lgammaq_r', 'x2y2m1q'):
# Internal function names, for which the above removal
# of leading '__' was inappropriate and a leading
# '__quadmath_' needs adding instead. In the
# libquadmath context, lgammaq_r is an internal name.
result = '__quadmath_' + result
if result == 'ieee854_float128_shape_type':
result = 'ieee854_float128'
if result == 'HUGE_VAL_F128':
result = 'HUGE_VALQ'
repl_names[macro] = result
# More such names that aren't simply defined as object-like macros
# in float128_private.h.
repl_names['_Float128'] = '__float128'
repl_names['parts32'] = 'words32'
for macro in ('GET_LDOUBLE_LSW64', 'GET_LDOUBLE_MSW64',
repl_names[macro] = macro.replace('LDOUBLE', 'FLT128')
# The classication macros are replaced.
for macro in ('FP_NAN', 'FP_INFINITE', 'FP_ZERO', 'FP_SUBNORMAL',
repl_names[macro] = 'QUAD' + macro
for macro in ('fpclassify', 'signbit', 'isnan', 'isinf', 'issignaling'):
repl_names[macro] = macro + 'q'
repl_names['isfinite'] = 'finiteq'
# Map comparison macros to the __builtin forms.
for macro in ('isgreater', 'isgreaterequal', 'isless', 'islessequal',
'islessgreater', 'isunordered'):
repl_names[macro] = '__builtin_' + macro
# Replace macros used in type-generic templates in glibc.
repl_names['FLOAT'] = '__float128'
repl_names['CFLOAT'] = '__complex128'
repl_names['M_NAN'] = 'nanq ("")'
repl_names['M_HUGE_VAL'] = 'HUGE_VALQ'
repl_names['INFINITY'] = '__builtin_inf ()'
for macro in ('MIN_EXP', 'MAX_EXP', 'MIN', 'MAX', 'MANT_DIG', 'EPSILON'):
repl_names['M_%s' % macro] = 'FLT128_%s' % macro
for macro in ('COPYSIGN', 'FABS', 'SINCOS', 'SCALBN', 'LOG1P', 'ATAN2',
'COSH', 'EXP', 'HYPOT', 'LOG', 'SINH', 'SQRT'):
repl_names['M_%s' % macro] = macro.lower() + 'q'
# Each such name is replaced when it appears as a whole word.
for macro in repl_names:
repl_map[r'\b%s\b' % macro] = repl_names[macro]
# Also replace the L macro for constants; likewise M_LIT and M_MLIT.
repl_map[r'\bL *\((.*?)\)'] = r'\1Q'
repl_map[r'\bM_LIT *\((.*?)\)'] = r'\1Q'
repl_map[r'\bM_MLIT *\((.*?)\)'] = r'\1q'
# M_DECL_FUNC and M_SUF need similar replacements.
repl_map[r'\bM_DECL_FUNC *\((?:__)?(?:ieee754_)?(.*?)\)'] = r'\1q'
repl_map[r'\bM_SUF *\((?:__)?(?:ieee754_)?(.*?)\)'] = r'\1q'
# Further adjustments are then needed for certain internal
# functions called via M_SUF.
repl_map[r'\bx2y2m1q\b'] = '__quadmath_x2y2m1q'
repl_map[r'\bkernel_casinhq\b'] = '__quadmath_kernel_casinhq'
# Replace calls to __set_errno.
repl_map[r'\b__set_errno *\((.*?)\)'] = r'errno = \1'
# Eliminate glibc diagnostic macros.
repl_map[r' *\bDIAG_PUSH_NEEDS_COMMENT;'] = ''
repl_map[r' *\bDIAG_IGNORE_NEEDS_COMMENT *\(.*?\);'] = ''
repl_map[r' *\bDIAG_POP_NEEDS_COMMENT;'] = ''
# Different names used in union.
repl_map[r'\.d\b'] = '.value'
repl_map[r'\bunion ieee854_float128\b'] = 'ieee854_float128'
# Calls to alias and hidden_def macros are all eliminated.
for macro in ('strong_alias', 'weak_alias', 'libm_alias_ldouble',
'declare_mgen_alias', 'declare_mgen_finite_alias',
'libm_hidden_def', 'mathx_hidden_def'):
repl_map[r'\b%s *\(.*?\);?' % macro] = ''
# Replace all #includes with a single include of quadmath-imp.h.
repl_map['(\n+#include[^\n]*)+\n+'] = '\n\n#include "quadmath-imp.h"\n\n'
# Omitted from this list because code comes from more than one
# glibc source file: rem_pio2.
ldbl_files = {
'e_acoshl.c': 'acoshq.c', 'e_acosl.c': 'acosq.c',
's_asinhl.c': 'asinhq.c', 'e_asinl.c': 'asinq.c',
'e_atan2l.c': 'atan2q.c', 'e_atanhl.c': 'atanhq.c',
's_atanl.c': 'atanq.c', 's_cbrtl.c': 'cbrtq.c', 's_ceill.c': 'ceilq.c',
's_copysignl.c': 'copysignq.c', 'e_coshl.c': 'coshq.c',
's_cosl.c': 'cosq.c', 'k_cosl.c': 'cosq_kernel.c',
's_erfl.c': 'erfq.c', 's_expm1l.c': 'expm1q.c', 'e_expl.c': 'expq.c',
't_expl.h': 'expq_table.h', 's_fabsl.c': 'fabsq.c',
's_finitel.c': 'finiteq.c', 's_floorl.c': 'floorq.c',
's_fmal.c': 'fmaq.c', 'e_fmodl.c': 'fmodq.c', 's_frexpl.c': 'frexpq.c',
'e_lgammal_r.c': 'lgammaq.c', 'lgamma_negl.c': 'lgammaq_neg.c',
'lgamma_productl.c': 'lgammaq_product.c', 'e_hypotl.c': 'hypotq.c',
'e_ilogbl.c': 'ilogbq.c', 's_isinfl.c': 'isinfq.c',
's_isnanl.c': 'isnanq.c', 's_issignalingl.c': 'issignalingq.c',
'e_j0l.c': 'j0q.c', 'e_j1l.c': 'j1q.c', 'e_jnl.c': 'jnq.c',
's_llrintl.c': 'llrintq.c', 's_llroundl.c': 'llroundq.c',
'e_log10l.c': 'log10q.c', 's_log1pl.c': 'log1pq.c',
'e_log2l.c': 'log2q.c', 's_logbl.c': 'logbq.c', 'e_logl.c': 'logq.c',
's_lrintl.c': 'lrintq.c', 's_lroundl.c': 'lroundq.c',
's_modfl.c': 'modfq.c', 's_nearbyintl.c': 'nearbyintq.c',
's_nextafterl.c': 'nextafterq.c', 'e_powl.c': 'powq.c',
'e_remainderl.c': 'remainderq.c', 's_remquol.c': 'remquoq.c',
's_rintl.c': 'rintq.c', 's_roundl.c': 'roundq.c',
's_scalblnl.c': 'scalblnq.c', 's_scalbnl.c': 'scalbnq.c',
's_signbitl.c': 'signbitq.c', 't_sincosl.c': 'sincos_table.c',
's_sincosl.c': 'sincosq.c', 'k_sincosl.c': 'sincosq_kernel.c',
'e_sinhl.c': 'sinhq.c', 's_sinl.c': 'sinq.c',
'k_sinl.c': 'sinq_kernel.c', 's_tanhl.c': 'tanhq.c',
's_tanl.c': 'tanq.c', 'k_tanl.c': 'tanq_kernel.c',
'e_gammal_r.c': 'tgammaq.c', 'gamma_productl.c': 'tgammaq_product.c',
's_truncl.c': 'truncq.c', 'x2y2m1l.c': 'x2y2m1q.c'
template_files = {
's_cacosh_template.c': 'cacoshq.c', 's_cacos_template.c': 'cacosq.c',
's_casinh_template.c': 'casinhq.c',
'k_casinh_template.c': 'casinhq_kernel.c',
's_casin_template.c': 'casinq.c', 's_catanh_template.c': 'catanhq.c',
's_catan_template.c': 'catanq.c', 's_ccosh_template.c': 'ccoshq.c',
's_cexp_template.c': 'cexpq.c', 'cimag_template.c': 'cimagq.c',
's_clog10_template.c': 'clog10q.c', 's_clog_template.c': 'clogq.c',
'conj_template.c': 'conjq.c', 's_cproj_template.c': 'cprojq.c',
'creal_template.c': 'crealq.c', 's_csinh_template.c': 'csinhq.c',
's_csin_template.c': 'csinq.c', 's_csqrt_template.c': 'csqrtq.c',
's_ctanh_template.c': 'ctanhq.c', 's_ctan_template.c': 'ctanq.c',
'e_exp2_template.c': 'exp2q.c', 's_fdim_template.c': 'fdimq.c',
's_fmax_template.c': 'fmaxq.c', 's_fmin_template.c': 'fminq.c',
's_ldexp_template.c': 'ldexpq.c'
# Some files have extra substitutions to apply.
extra_maps = defaultdict(dict)
extra_maps['expq.c'] = {r'#include "quadmath-imp\.h"\n':
'#include "quadmath-imp.h"\n'
'#include "expq_table.h"\n'}
extra_maps['ilogbq.c'] = {r'#include "quadmath-imp\.h"\n':
'#include <math.h>\n'
'#include "quadmath-imp.h"\n'
'#ifndef FP_ILOGB0\n'
'# define FP_ILOGB0 INT_MIN\n'
'#ifndef FP_ILOGBNAN\n'
'# define FP_ILOGBNAN INT_MAX\n'
r'return ([A-Z0-9_]+);':
r'{ errno = EDOM; feraiseexcept (FE_INVALID); '
r'return \1; }'}
extra_maps['lgammaq.c'] = {r'#include "quadmath-imp\.h"\n':
'#include "quadmath-imp.h"\n'
'# include <math.h>\n'
'lgammaq (__float128 x)\n'
' int signgam;\n'
' return __quadmath_lgammaq_r (x, &signgam);\n'
extra_maps['tgammaq.c'] = {r'#include "quadmath-imp\.h"\n':
'#include "quadmath-imp.h"\n'
'tgammaq (__float128 x)\n'
' int sign;\n'
' __float128 ret;\n'
' ret = __quadmath_gammaq_r (x, &sign);\n'
' return sign < 0 ? -ret : ret;\n'
for src, dest in ldbl_files.items():
replace_in_file(repl_map, extra_maps[dest],
os.path.join(glibc_ldbl128, src),
os.path.join(quadmath_math, dest))
for src, dest in template_files.items():
replace_in_file(repl_map, extra_maps[dest],
os.path.join(glibc_math, src),
os.path.join(quadmath_math, dest))
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Update libquadmath code.')
parser.add_argument('glibc_srcdir', help='glibc source directory')
parser.add_argument('quadmath_srcdir', help='libquadmath source directory')
args = parser.parse_args()
update_sources(args.glibc_srcdir, args.quadmath_srcdir)
if __name__ == '__main__':