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// Origin PR debug/
// { dg-options "-gdwarf-2 -dA -gno-column-info" }
class C {
C() {}
~C() {}
typedef struct {
C m;
} t;
typedef t s;
s v;
We want to check that we have a DIE describing the typedef t like this:
.uleb128 0xc # (DIE (0xb8) DW_TAG_typedef)
.ascii "t\0" # DW_AT_name
.byte 0x1 # DW_AT_decl_file (../../prtests/
.byte 0xb # DW_AT_decl_line
.long 0x78 # DW_AT_type
e.g, it should not haven any child DIE -- the bug here was that this
DIE had children DIEs. So we check that the last line is immediately
followed by a line containing the pattern "(DIE (", instead of a
line containing a DW_AT_sibling attribute.
// { dg-final { scan-assembler-times "\[^\n\r\]*\\(DIE \[^\n\r\]* DW_TAG_typedef\\)\[\n\r\]{1,2}\[^\n\r\].*\"t\\\\0\"\[^\n\r\]*DW_AT_name\[\n\r\]{1,2}\[^\n\r\]*\[\n\r\]{1,2}\[^\n\r\]*\[\n\r\]{1,2}\[^\n\r\]*DW_AT_type\[\n\r\]{1,2}\[^\n\r\]*\\(DIE" 1 } }