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// { dg-do compile }
// Copyright (C) 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
// Contributed by Nathan Sidwell 24 Jun 2004 <>
// Origin Rani Sharoni via
// Bug 16174, SFINAE failure.
template <class T> struct K
K(K<T> & rhs);
K(K<T> const& rhs);
template <class U> K(K<U> const& rhs);
template <class U> struct A;
template <class U> struct A< K<U> const>
{ typedef typename K<U>::compile_time_error type; };
// This is used to reject calls to the copy constructor
// with objects which are top-level const. If they are
// const, the specialization of A is instantiated and
// causes a compile time error. Otherwise, the general
// template is picked up, it misses definition, so this
// ctor declaration is rejected by SFINAE and everybody
// is happy.
// GCC 3.4.1pre and 3.5.0 always matches A's specialization
// when instantiating from foo(), and this causes the error.
template <class U>
K(U& rhs, typename A<U>::type = 0);
K<int> foo(void)
return K<int>();