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Distilled from Linux XFS source code. foo, inlined into bar, ends
up with debug stmts referencing the addressable variable b.
Optimization made it non-addressable, and then completely optimized
away, before we got a chance to rename (and discard) the occurrence
in the debug stmt. When we did, we crashed, attempting to rename
an unreference variable. */
/* { dg-do compile } */
static inline int
foo (void *x, unsigned y)
unsigned z = *(unsigned long *) x % y;
*(unsigned long *) x = *(unsigned long *) x / y;
return z;
struct S
unsigned t;
bar (struct S *x, int *y)
int a = 0;
unsigned long b = x->t;
foo (&b, x->t);
for (;; a++)
if (b)
*y = 1;