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/* Definitions of Objective-C front-end entry points used for C and C++.
Copyright (C) 1987-2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
<>. */
/* ObjC ivar visibility types. */
enum GTY(()) objc_ivar_visibility_kind {
/* Objective-C / Objective-C++ entry points. */
/* The following ObjC/ObjC++ functions are called by the C and/or C++
front-ends; they all must have corresponding stubs in stub-objc.c. */
extern void objc_write_global_declarations (void);
extern tree objc_is_class_name (tree);
extern tree objc_is_object_ptr (tree);
extern void objc_check_decl (tree);
extern void objc_check_global_decl (tree);
extern tree objc_common_type (tree, tree);
extern bool objc_compare_types (tree, tree, int, tree);
extern bool objc_have_common_type (tree, tree, int, tree);
extern bool objc_diagnose_private_ivar (tree);
extern void objc_volatilize_decl (tree);
extern tree objc_rewrite_function_call (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_message_selector (void);
extern tree objc_lookup_ivar (tree, tree);
extern void objc_clear_super_receiver (void);
extern int objc_is_public (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_is_id (tree);
extern void objc_declare_alias (tree, tree);
extern void objc_declare_class (tree);
extern void objc_declare_protocol (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_build_message_expr (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_finish_message_expr (tree, tree, tree, tree*);
extern tree objc_build_selector_expr (location_t, tree);
extern tree objc_build_protocol_expr (tree);
extern tree objc_build_encode_expr (tree);
extern tree objc_build_string_object (tree);
extern tree objc_get_protocol_qualified_type (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_get_class_reference (tree);
extern tree objc_get_class_ivars (tree);
extern bool objc_detect_field_duplicates (bool);
extern void objc_start_class_interface (tree, tree, tree, tree);
extern void objc_start_category_interface (tree, tree, tree, tree);
extern void objc_start_protocol (tree, tree, tree);
extern void objc_continue_interface (void);
extern void objc_finish_interface (void);
extern void objc_start_class_implementation (tree, tree);
extern void objc_start_category_implementation (tree, tree);
extern void objc_continue_implementation (void);
extern void objc_finish_implementation (void);
extern void objc_set_visibility (objc_ivar_visibility_kind);
extern tree objc_build_method_signature (bool, tree, tree, tree, bool);
extern void objc_add_method_declaration (bool, tree, tree);
extern bool objc_start_method_definition (bool, tree, tree, tree);
extern void objc_finish_method_definition (tree);
extern void objc_add_instance_variable (tree);
extern tree objc_build_keyword_decl (tree, tree, tree, tree);
extern tree objc_build_throw_stmt (location_t, tree);
extern void objc_begin_try_stmt (location_t, tree);
extern tree objc_finish_try_stmt (void);
extern void objc_begin_catch_clause (tree);
extern void objc_finish_catch_clause (void);
extern void objc_build_finally_clause (location_t, tree);
extern tree objc_build_synchronized (location_t, tree, tree);
extern int objc_static_init_needed_p (void);
extern tree objc_generate_static_init_call (tree);
extern tree objc_generate_write_barrier (tree, enum tree_code, tree);
extern void objc_set_method_opt (bool);
extern void objc_finish_foreach_loop (location_t, tree, tree, tree, tree, tree);
extern bool objc_method_decl (enum tree_code);
extern void objc_add_property_declaration (location_t, tree, bool, bool, bool,
bool, bool, bool, tree, tree);
extern tree objc_maybe_build_component_ref (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_build_class_component_ref (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_maybe_build_modify_expr (tree, tree);
extern tree objc_build_incr_expr_for_property_ref (location_t, enum tree_code,
tree, tree);
extern void objc_add_synthesize_declaration (location_t, tree);
extern void objc_add_dynamic_declaration (location_t, tree);
extern const char * objc_maybe_printable_name (tree, int);
extern bool objc_is_property_ref (tree);
extern bool objc_string_ref_type_p (tree);
extern void objc_check_format_arg (tree, tree);
extern void objc_finish_function (void);
extern void objc_maybe_warn_exceptions (location_t);
/* The following are provided by the C and C++ front-ends, and called by
ObjC/ObjC++. */
extern void *objc_get_current_scope (void);
extern void objc_mark_locals_volatile (void *);
#endif /* ! GCC_C_COMMON_OBJC_H */