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2019-11-14 Release Manager
* GCC 7.5.0 released.
2019-09-05 Iain Sandoe <>
Backported from mainline
2019-08-23 Iain Sandoe <>
PR pch/61250
* parser.c (cp_parser_initial_pragma): Call c_common_no_more_pch ()
after determining that the first token is not
2019-09-02 Richard Biener <>
Backport from mainline
2019-02-21 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/89392
* vtable-class-hierarchy.c (vtv_generate_init_routine): Do not
make symtab process new functions here.
2019-08-30 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2019-06-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/90950
* semantics.c (finish_omp_clauses): Don't reject references to
incomplete types if processing_template_decl.
2019-05-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR pch/90326
* (gtfiles): Remove c-family/c-lex.c, add
2019-04-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/90108
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): If remove is main variant and
DECL_ORIGINAL_TYPE is some other type, remove a DECL_ORIGINAL_TYPE
variant that has newdecl as TYPE_NAME if any.
2019-04-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c/89933
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): When newdecl's type is its main variant,
don't try to remove it from the variant list, but instead assert
it has no variants.
2019-03-29 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/89869
* typeck.c: Include gimplify.h.
(cp_build_modify_expr) <case COND_EXPR>: Unshare rhs before using it
for second time. Formatting fixes.
2019-03-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/89796
* semantics.c (finish_omp_atomic): Add warning_sentinel for
-Wunused-value around finish_expr_stmt call.
2019-03-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/60702
* cp-tree.h (get_tls_wrapper_fn): Remove declaration.
(maybe_get_tls_wrapper_call): Declare.
* decl2.c (get_tls_wrapper_fn): Make static.
(maybe_get_tls_wrapper_call): New function.
* typeck.c (build_class_member_access_expr): Handle accesses to TLS
* semantics.c (finish_qualified_id_expr): Likewise.
(finish_id_expression_1): Use maybe_get_tls_wrapper_call.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build): Likewise.
2019-03-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/89767
* parser.c (cp_parser_lambda_introducer): Add ids and first_capture_id
variables, check for duplicates in this function.
* lambda.c (add_capture): Don't check for duplicates nor use
(register_capture_members): Don't clear IDENTIFIER_MARKED here.
2019-03-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/89512
* semantics.c (finish_qualified_id_expr): Reject variable templates.
2019-03-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/87148
* init.c (build_value_init_noctor): Ignore flexible array members.
2019-02-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/89403
* decl2.c (c_parse_final_cleanups): Move TREE_ASM_WRITTEN setting
for flag_syntax_only from here...
* semantics.c (expand_or_defer_fn_1): ... here.
2019-02-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/89187
* optimize.c (maybe_thunk_body): Clear TREE_ADDRESSABLE on
PARM_DECLs of the thunk.
* lambda.c (maybe_add_lambda_conv_op): Likewise.
2019-01-24 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/88976
* semantics.c (finish_omp_cancel): Use maybe_convert_cond when not in
template or build_x_binary_op otherwise.
2019-01-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/88949
* optimize.c (cxx_copy_decl): New function.
(clone_body): Use it instead of copy_decl_no_change.
2018-12-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/86669
* call.c (make_temporary_var_for_ref_to_temp): Call pushdecl even for
automatic vars.
PR c++/87506
* constexpr.c (adjust_temp_type): Handle EMPTY_CLASS_EXPR.
2018-12-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/88103
* typeck.c (build_class_member_access_expr): If unary_complex_lvalue
turned xvalue_p into non-xvalue_p, call move on it.
2018-11-27 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/88181
* class.c (fixup_attribute_variants): Also propagate TYPE_PACKED
to variants.
2019-04-10 Matthias Klose <>
Backport from the gcc-8 branch
2019-03-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/89585
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition): Parse asm qualifiers even
at toplevel, but diagnose them.
2018-01-02 Segher Boessenkool <>
Backport from trunk
2018-12-06 Segher Boessenkool <>
PR inline-asm/55681
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition): Update grammar. Allow any
combination of volatile and goto, in any order, without repetitions.
Backport from trunk
2018-12-06 Segher Boessenkool <>
* cp-tree.h (finish_asm_stmt): Update declaration.
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition): Detect the inline keyword
after asm. Pass a flag for it to finish_asm_stmt.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Pass the ASM_INLINE_P flag to finish_asm_stmt.
* semantics.c (finish_asm_stmt): Add inline_p parameter. Use it to
Backport from trunk
2018-12-19 Segher Boessenkool <>
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition): Rewrite the loop to work without
"done" boolean variable.
Backport from trunk
2018-12-19 Segher Boessenkool <>
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition): Rewrite the loop to work without
"done" boolean variable.
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition): Keep track of the location each
asm qualifier is first seen; use that to give nicer "duplicate asm
qualifier" messages.
Backport from trunk
2018-12-19 Segher Boessenkool <>
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition) <RID_CONST, RID_RESTRICT>: Give
a more specific error message (instead of just falling through).
Backport from trunk
2018-12-10 Segher Boessenkool <>
* parser.c (cp_parser_asm_definition): Do not allow any asm qualifiers
on top-level asm.
2018-12-06 Release Manager
* GCC 7.4.0 released.
2018-11-26 Richard Biener <>
PR c++/84281
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_vec_init_1): Use a RANGE_EXPR to compact
uniform constructors and delay allocating them fully.
2018-11-26 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/87075 - ICE with constexpr array initialization.
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_vec_init_1): Handle trivial initialization.
2018-10-23 Tom de Vries <>
backport from trunk:
2018-07-31 Tom de Vries <>
PR debug/86687
* optimize.c (update_cloned_parm): Copy DECL_BY_REFERENCE.
2018-10-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2018-07-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/3698
PR c++/86208
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_genericize_r): When using extern_decl_map, or
in TREE_USED flag from stmt to h->to.
2018-08-17 Richard Biener <>
Backport from mainline
2018-08-02 Richard Biener <>
PR c++/86763
* class.c (layout_class_type): Copy TYPE_TYPELESS_STORAGE
2018-08-10 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/86728 - C variadic generic lambda.
* parser.c (cp_parser_parameter_declaration): Don't turn 'auto' into
a pack if it's followed by a declarator-id.
2018-07-03 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/86378 - functional cast in noexcept-specifier.
* tree.c (strip_typedefs_expr) [TREE_LIST]: Fix iteration.
2018-06-26 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80290 - memory-hog with std::pair.
* pt.c (type_unification_real): Skip non-dependent conversion
check for a nested list argument.
(braced_init_depth): New.
2018-06-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/86291
* parser.c (cp_parser_omp_for_loop_init): Change for_block argument
type from vec<tree, va_gc> * to vec<tree, va_gc> *&.
2018-06-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2018-05-29 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/85952
* init.c (build_aggr_init): For structured binding initialized from
array call mark_rvalue_use on the initializer.
2018-05-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c/85696
* cp-tree.h (cxx_omp_predetermined_sharing_1): New prototype.
* cp-gimplify.c (cxx_omp_predetermined_sharing): New wrapper around
cxx_omp_predetermined_sharing_1. Rename old function to ...
(cxx_omp_predetermined_sharing_1): ... this.
* semantics.c (finish_omp_clauses): Use cxx_omp_predetermined_sharing_1
instead of cxx_omp_predetermined_sharing.
2018-05-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/85662
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_fold): Use fold_offsetof rather than
fold_offsetof_1, pass TREE_TYPE (x) as TYPE to it and drop the
2018-04-18 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84463
* typeck.c (cp_build_addr_expr_1): Move handling of offsetof-like
tricks from here to ...
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_fold) <case ADDR_EXPR>: ... here. Only use it
if INDIRECT_REF's operand is INTEGER_CST cast to pointer type.
2018-04-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/85210
* pt.c (tsubst_decomp_names): Return error_mark_node and assert
errorcount is set if tsubst doesn't return a VAR_DECL.
2018-04-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/85208
* decl.c (start_decl): For DECL_DECOMPOSITION_P decls, don't call
maybe_apply_pragma_weak here...
(cp_maybe_mangle_decomp): ... but call it here instead.
2018-04-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR inline-asm/85172
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_builtin_function_call): For calls to
builtin_valid_in_constant_expr_p functions, don't call
cxx_eval_constant_expression if argument is not
2018-04-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/85147
* pt.c (fixed_parameter_pack_p_1): Punt if parm is error_mark_node.
PR c++/85140
* name-lookup.c (handle_namespace_attrs): Return early if attributes
is error_mark_node.
2018-03-30 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84791
* semantics.c (finish_omp_reduction_clause): If
OMP_CLAUSE_REDUCTION_PLACEHOLDER is error_mark_node, return true
even if processing_template_decl.
2018-03-27 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/85076
* tree.c (cp_build_reference_type): If to_type is error_mark_node,
return it right away.
PR c++/85068
* class.c (update_vtable_entry_for_fn): Don't ICE if base_binfo
is NULL. Assert if thunk_binfo is NULL then errorcount is non-zero.
2018-03-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84961
* cp-tree.h (genericize_compound_lvalue): Declare.
* typeck.c (genericize_compound_lvalue): New function.
(unary_complex_lvalue, cp_build_modify_expr): Use it.
* semantics.c (finish_asm_stmt): Replace MODIFY_EXPR, PREINCREMENT_EXPR
and PREDECREMENT_EXPR in output and "m" constrained input operands with
COMPOUND_EXPR. Call cxx_mark_addressable on the rightmost
2018-03-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84874
* decl.c (reshape_init_class): Don't assert d->cur->index == field
if d->cur->index is a FIELD_DECL, instead set field to d->cur->index.
2018-03-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84222
* cp-tree.h (cp_warn_deprecated_use): Declare.
* tree.c (cp_warn_deprecated_use): New function.
* typeck2.c (build_functional_cast): Use it.
* decl.c (grokparms): Likewise.
(grokdeclarator): Likewise. Temporarily push nested class scope
around grokparms call for out of class member definitions.
2018-03-09 Jason Merrill <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84076
* call.c (convert_arg_to_ellipsis): Instead of cp_build_addr_expr
(build_over_call): For purposes of check_function_arguments, if
argarray[j] is ADDR_EXPR with REFERENCE_TYPE created above, use
its operand rather than the argument itself.
2018-03-08 Jason Merrill <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80598
* call.c (build_over_call): In templates set TREE_USED (first_fn) when
not calling mark_used for the benefit of -Wunused-function warning.
2018-03-02 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84662
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build) <case TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR>: Use
RETURN instead of return.
<case POINTER_PLUS_EXPR>: Likewise.
<case CONVERT_EXPR>: If op0 is error_mark_node, just return
it instead of wrapping it into CONVERT_EXPR.
2018-06-12 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/85815 - reference to member of enclosing template.
* parser.c (cp_parser_postfix_dot_deref_expression): Check
PR c++/86060 - ICE on range for with -std=c++98.
* parser.c (cp_parser_init_statement): Don't clobber *decl after
2018-05-07 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/85646 - lambda visibility.
* decl2.c (determine_visibility): Don't mess with template arguments
from the containing scope.
(vague_linkage_p): Check DECL_ABSTRACT_P before looking at a 'tor
2018-04-23 Ville Voutilainen <>
Backport from mainline
2018-04-05 Ville Voutilainen <>
Implement P0969
* decl.c (find_decomp_class_base): Check accessibility instead
of declared access, adjust diagnostic.
2018-04-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/85470 - wrong error with static data member.
* decl.c (check_initializer): Check DECL_INITIALIZED_IN_CLASS_P.
* typeck2.c (store_init_value): Likewise.
2018-04-23 Ville Voutilainen <>
Backport from mainline
2018-04-05 Ville Voutilainen <>
Implement P0961
* decl.c (get_tuple_decomp_init): Check the templatedness
of a member get.
2018-04-19 Jonathan Wakely <>
PR c++/85464 - missing location for -Wignored-qualifiers diagnostic
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): If declspecs->locations[ds_type_spec]
is UNKNOWN_LOCATION fall back to input_location.
2018-04-09 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/85279 - dump_expr doesn't understand decltype.
* error.c (dump_expr): Handle DECLTYPE_TYPE.
2018-04-05 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/82152 - ICE with class deduction and inherited ctor.
* pt.c (do_class_deduction): Ignore inherited ctors.
PR c++/84665 - ICE with array of empty class.
* decl2.c (cp_check_const_attributes): Use fold_non_dependent_expr.
PR c++/85006 - -fconcepts ICE with A<auto...> return type
* pt.c (tsubst_pack_expansion): Allow unsubstituted auto pack.
2018-04-04 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/85118 - wrong error with generic lambda and std::bind.
* call.c (add_template_conv_candidate): Disable if there are any
call operators.
PR c++/85148 - ICE with 'this' in array NSDMI.
* tree.c (replace_placeholders_r): Use handled_component_p.
2018-04-03 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/85113 - ICE with constexpr and __builtin_constant_p.
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_builtin_function_call): Only defer
__builtin_constant_p if ctx->quiet.
* typeck.c (merge_types): Limit matching attribute shortcut to
the default case.
PR c++/64095 - auto... parameter pack.
* parser.c (cp_parser_parameter_declaration): Handle turning autos
into packs here.
(cp_parser_parameter_declaration_list): Not here.
PR c++/85060 - wrong-code with call to base member in template.
* search.c (any_dependent_bases_p): Check uses_template_parms
rather than processing_template_decl.
2018-03-29 Ville Voutilainen <>
Backport from mainline
2018-03-23 Ville Voutilainen <>
Implement P0962
* parser.c (cp_parser_perform_range_for_lookup): Change
the condition for deciding whether to use members.
2018-03-23 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78489 - Substitution in wrong order
PR c++/84489
* pt.c (type_unification_real): Revert last two changes.
PR c++/71834 - template-id with too few arguments.
* pt.c (coerce_template_parms): Make sure we gave an error.
PR c++/84937 - ICE with class deduction and auto.
* pt.c (rewrite_template_parm): Fix auto handling.
PR c++/80227 - SFINAE and negative array size.
* decl.c (compute_array_index_type): Convert to signed for negative
PR c++/84839 - ICE with decltype of parameter pack.
* pt.c (tsubst_pack_expansion): Set cp_unevaluated_operand while
instantiating dummy parms.
PR c++/84798 - ICE with auto in abstract function declarator.
* parser.c (cp_parser_parameter_declaration_clause): Check
PR c++/84355 - ICE with deduction for member class template.
* pt.c (tsubst) [TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM]: Always substitute into
2018-03-23 Paolo Carlini <>
Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/82336 - link error with list-init default argument.
* decl.c (check_default_argument): Unshare an initializer list.
2018-03-22 Marek Polacek <>
Backported from mainline
2018-03-22 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/84854
* semantics.c (finish_if_stmt_cond): Check if the type of the condition
is boolean.
2018-03-19 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/84927
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_bare_aggregate): Update constructor's flags
as we evaluate the elements.
(cxx_eval_constant_expression): Verify constructor's flags
2018-03-21 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/71638, ICE with NSDMI and reference.
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_bare_aggregate): Update constructor's flags
even when we replace an element.
2018-03-09 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/84785 - ICE with alias template and default targs.
* pt.c (type_unification_real): Set processing_template_decl if
saw_undeduced == 1.
2018-03-07 Marek Polacek <>
Backported from mainline
2018-03-06 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/84684
* constexpr.c (cxx_bind_parameters_in_call): Unshare evaluated
2018-03-03 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/84686 - missing volatile loads.
* cvt.c (convert_to_void): Call maybe_undo_parenthesized_ref.
2018-03-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2018-02-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84558
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_vec_init_1): For reuse, treat NULL eltinit like
a valid constant initializer. Formatting fixes.
PR c++/84557
* parser.c (cp_parser_omp_var_list_no_open): Only call
cp_parser_lookup_name_simple on names satisfying identifier_p.
(cp_parser_oacc_routine): Likewise.
2018-02-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84445
* class.c (fixed_type_or_null) <case CALL_EXPR>: Only test
TREE_HAS_CONSTRUCTOR if instance is not an internal function call.
PR c++/84449
* tree.c (bot_manip): If build_cplus_new or break_out_target_exprs
returns error_mark_node, return it immediately.
(break_out_target_exprs): If cp_walk_tree with bot_manip returns
error_mark_node, return error_mark_node.
2018-02-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84448
* parser.c (cp_parser_binary_expression): For no_toplevel_fold_p, if
either operand is error_mark_node, set current.lhs to that instead of
creating a binary op with error_mark_node operands.
PR c++/84430
* constexpr.c (potential_constant_expression_1): Handle OMP_SIMD.
2018-02-16 Marek Polacek <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84192
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_constant_expression) <case RETURN_EXPR>: Don't
set *jump_target to anything if jump_target is NULL.
2018-02-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84341
* parser.c (cp_parser_binary_expression): Use build_min instead of
build2_loc to build the no_toplevel_fold_p toplevel binary expression.
2018-02-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/83987
* tree.c (cp_free_lang_data): Revert 2018-01-23 change.
2018-02-09 Marek Polacek <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/83659
* constexpr.c (cxx_fold_indirect_ref): Sync some changes from
fold_indirect_ref_1. Verify first that tree_fits_shwi_p (op01).
Formatting fixes.
2018-02-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84082
* parser.c (cp_parser_dot_deref_incomplete): New function.
(cp_parser_postfix_dot_deref_expression): Use it.
2018-01-31 Jason Merrill <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/83993
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_outermost_constant_expr): Build NOP_EXPR
around non-constant ADDR_EXPRs rather than clearing TREE_CONSTANT
2018-01-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/84031
* decl.c (find_decomp_class_base): Ignore unnamed bitfields. Ignore
recursive calls that return ret.
(cp_finish_decomp): Ignore unnamed bitfields.
2018-01-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/83987
* tree.c (cp_free_lang_data): Change DECL_VALUE_EXPR of
DECL_OMP_PRIVATIZED_MEMBER vars to error_mark_node.
PR c++/83958
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): Diagnose if reference structure binding
refers to incomplete type.
2018-01-18 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/83824
* parser.c (attr_chainon): New function.
(cp_parser_label_for_labeled_statement, cp_parser_decl_specifier_seq,
cp_parser_namespace_definition, cp_parser_init_declarator,
cp_parser_type_specifier_seq, cp_parser_parameter_declaration,
cp_parser_gnu_attributes_opt): Use it.
(cp_parser_member_declaration, cp_parser_objc_class_ivars,
cp_parser_objc_struct_declaration): Likewise. Don't reset
prefix_attributes if attributes is error_mark_node.
2018-01-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/83817
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build) <case CALL_EXPR>: If function
instead of CALL_FROM_THUNK_P.
2018-03-02 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (type_dependent_expression_p): Check DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC.
2018-02-27 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/84489 - dependent default template argument
* pt.c (type_unification_real): Handle early substitution failure.
2018-03-01 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/71569 - decltype of template.
* parser.c (cp_parser_decltype_expr): Handle missing template args.
2018-03-01 Jason Merrill <>
Alexandre Oliva <>
PR c++/71569 - ICE with redundant args on member variable template.
* decl.c (start_decl): Handle partial specialization of member
variable template.
* pt.c (determine_specialization): Allow partial specialization
of member variable template without specializing enclosing class.
(process_partial_specialization): Improve error message.
2018-02-28 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/71784 - ICE with ref-qualifier and explicit specialization.
* pt.c (determine_specialization): Check ref-qualifier.
2018-02-27 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/84496 - ICE with generic lambda in lambda.
* pt.c (type_dependent_expression_p): Fix dependency checking of
functions without DECL_TEMPLATE_INFO.
2018-02-26 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/84441 - ICE with base initialized from ?:
* call.c (unsafe_copy_elision_p): Handle COND_EXPR.
PR c++/84520 - ICE with generic lambda in NSDMI.
* lambda.c (lambda_expr_this_capture): Don't look for fake NSDMI
'this' in a generic lambda instantiation.
2018-02-26 Jason Merrill <>
Ville Voutilainen <>
PR c++/81589 - error with is_trivially_constructible.
* method.c (constructible_expr): Set cp_unevaluated.
2018-02-25 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/84015 - ICE with class deduction and auto template parm.
* pt.c (rewrite_template_parm): Use tf_partial in first tsubst.
2018-02-19 Jonathan Wakely <>
Backport from mainline
2017-08-29 Jason Merrill <>
Fix lambdas in template default argument of inherited ctor.
* method.c (synthesized_method_base_walk): Replace an inherited
template with its specialization.
(synthesized_method_walk): Make inheriting_ctor a pointer.
(maybe_explain_implicit_delete, explain_implicit_non_constexpr)
(deduce_inheriting_ctor, implicitly_declare_fn): Adjust.
2018-02-16 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/84151 - unnecessary volatile load with static member.
* call.c (build_new_method_call_1): Avoid loading from a volatile
lvalue used as the object argument for a static member function.
PR c++/81853 - using-directive and constexpr.
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_constant_expression): Handle USING_STMT.
PR c++/84420 - ICE with structured binding in lambda.
* lambda.c (is_capture_proxy): Check DECL_DECOMPOSITION_P.
PR c++/83835 - C++17 error with constructor ctors.
* call.c (build_special_member_call): Set TARGET_EXPR_DIRECT_INIT_P.
PR c++/82664 - ICE with reference to function template parm.
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument_function): Avoid obfuscationg
PR c++/82764 - C++17 ICE with empty base
* class.c (build_base_field_1): Set DECL_SIZE to zero for empty base.
PR c++/83227 - C++17 ICE with init-list derived-to-base conversion.
* call.c (convert_like_real): Don't use the copy-list-initialization
shortcut for ck_base.
PR c++/84045 - ICE with typedef and noexcept.
* except.c (build_noexcept_spec): Use strip_typedefs_expr.
2018-01-29 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/82461 - constexpr list-initialized member
* constexpr.c (potential_constant_expression_1): Check
2018-01-26 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/82878
PR c++/78495
* call.c (build_call_a): Don't set CALL_FROM_THUNK_P for inherited
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_genericize_r): Restore THUNK dereference
inhibibition check removed in previous c++/78495 change.
2018-01-25 Release Manager
* GCC 7.3.0 released.
2018-01-17 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/81843 - ICE with variadic member template.
PR c++/72801
* pt.c (unify_pack_expansion): Don't try to deduce enclosing
template args.
PR c++/82331 - ICE with variadic partial specialization of auto
* pt.c (unify) [TEMPLATE_PARM_INDEX]: Set processing_template_decl
around call to tsubst.
PR c++/82760 - memory corruption with aligned new.
* call.c (build_operator_new_call): Update *args if we add the
2018-01-02 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/83556
* tree.c (replace_placeholders_r): Pass NULL as last argument to
cp_walk_tree instead of d->pset. If non-TREE_CONSTANT and
non-PLACEHOLDER_EXPR tree has been seen already, set *walk_subtrees
to false and return.
(replace_placeholders): Pass NULL instead of &pset as last argument
to cp_walk_tree.
2017-12-19 Marek Polacek <>
Backported from mainline
2017-12-18 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/83116
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_call_expression): Only look into
constexpr_call_table if ctx->strict.
2017-12-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2017-12-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/83205
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): Handle the case when tsize is not
error_mark_node, but doesn't fit into uhwi. Split up count != eltscnt
and !tree_fits_uhwi_p (tsize) error_at calls into error_n and inform_n
to handle plural forms properly.
PR c++/81197
* cp-tree.h (cp_maybe_mangle_decomp): Declare.
* decl.c (cp_maybe_mangle_decomp): New function.
(cp_finish_decomp): Don't SET_DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME here.
* parser.c (cp_convert_range_for,
cp_parser_decomposition_declaration): Call cp_maybe_mangle_decomp.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Likewise.
* mangle.c (find_decomp_unqualified_name): New function.
(write_unqualified_name): Handle DECL_DECOMPOSITION_P
where DECL_ASSEMBLER_NAME is already set.
2017-12-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/83217
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): If decl's type is REFERENCE_TYPE,
call complete_type (TREE_TYPE (type)).
Backported from mainline
2017-12-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79650
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Diagnose
reduced_constant_expression_p expressions that aren't INTEGER_CST.
2017-12-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80259
* decl2.c (grokfield): Diagnose = delete redefinition of a friend.
2017-11-27 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/81888
* parser.c (cp_parser_decomposition_declaration): Reject just
BRACE_ENCLOSED_INITIALIZER_P initializers with nelts != 1 rather
than all such CONSTRUCTORs, and only if is_direct_init is true.
PR c++/81675
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_fold) <case COND_EXPR>: Don't return immediately
for VOID_TYPE_P COND_EXPRs, instead fold the operands and if op0 is
INTEGER_CST, ensure that both op1 and op2 are non-NULL and fall
through into normal folding, otherwise just rebuild x if any op
2017-11-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
* parser.c (cp_parser_omp_declare): Change return type to bool from
void, return true for declare simd.
(cp_parser_pragma): Return cp_parser_omp_declare returned value
rather than always false.
2017-11-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/82781
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_vector_conditional_expression): New function.
(cxx_eval_constant_expression) <case VEC_COND_EXPR>: Use it instead
of cxx_eval_conditional_expression.
2017-10-30 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/82085
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build, [INDIRECT_REF]): For a REFERENCE_REF_P,
unconditionally call convert_from_reference.
2017-10-27 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2017-10-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/82373
* error.c (dump_function_decl): If show_return, call dump_type_suffix
on the same return type dump_type_prefix has been called on.
2017-10-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/82560
* call.c (build_over_call): Don't pass tf_no_cleanup to nested
2017-10-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/82299
* decl.c (reshape_init): Suppress warn_useless_cast for direct enum
* typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Likewise.
2017-10-05 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (convert_arg_to_ellipsis): Use the result of force_rvalue.
2017-10-04 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/82406 - C++ error with noexcept function type
PR c++/70029 - ICE with ref-qualifier and -flto
* tree.c (cxx_copy_lang_qualifiers): New.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
* cp-objcp-common.h: Define LANG_HOOKS_COPY_LANG_QUALIFIERS.
PR c++/81525 - broken handling of auto in generic lambda.
* pt.c (tsubst_decl) [VAR_DECL]: Use strip_innermost_template_args.
2017-09-22 Eric Botcazou <>
PR bootstrap/81926
* cp-objcp-common.c (cp_get_debug_type): Do only one lookup
2017-09-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/81929
* tree.c (struct replace_placeholders_t): Add pset field.
(replace_placeholders_r): Call cp_walk_tree with d->pset as
last argument instead of NULL. Formatting fix.
(replace_placeholders): Add pset variable, add its address
into data. Pass &pset instead of NULL to cp_walk_tree.
2017-09-18 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/81236 - ICE with template-id in generic lambda
* parser.c (parsing_default_capturing_generic_lambda): Don't check
for enclosing template.
* semantics.c (finish_qualified_id_expr): Call it.
* cp-tree.h: Adjust.
PR c++/80767 - unnecessary instantiation of generic lambda
PR c++/82030 - ICE inheriting from multiple lambdas
* call.c (convert_like_real): Call build_user_type_conversion_1 if
cand is null.
(add_conv_candidate): Build a ck_user conversion with no candidate.
PR c++/80935 - wrong C++17 error with lambda
* decl.c (check_for_uninitialized_const_var): Check
PR c++/81671 - nullptr_t template parameter
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Fix nullptr_t check.
PR c++/81525 - wrong constant value with generic lambda
* pt.c (tsubst_decl) [VAR_DECL]: Avoid clobbering auto.
(tsubst_copy) [VAR_DECL]: Handle auto.
2017-09-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2017-09-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/81314
* cp-gimplify.c (omp_var_to_track): Look through references.
(omp_cxx_notice_variable): Likewise.
2017-09-09 Eric Botcazou <>
PR bootstrap/81926
* cp-objcp-common.c (struct debug_type_hasher): New class.
(debug_type_hash): New variable.
(cp_get_debug_type): Associate the OFFSET_TYPEs with the types.
2017-09-01 Marek Polacek <>
Backported from mainline
2017-09-01 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/82040
* typeck.c (cp_build_unary_op): Avoid re-entering reporting routines.
2017-08-25 Marek Polacek <>
Backported from mainline
2017-08-08 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/81607
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_fold): If folding exposed a branch of
a COND_EXPR, convert it to the original type of the COND_EXPR, if
they differ.
2017-08-14 Release Manager
* GCC 7.2.0 released.
2017-08-09 Leonid Koppel <>
PR c++/67054 - Inherited ctor with non-default-constructible members
* method.c (walk_field_subobs) Consider member initializers (NSDMIs)
when deducing an inheriting constructor.
2017-07-27 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/71570
* lambda.c (add_capture): Early return if we cannot capture by
2017-07-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
Backported from mainline
2017-07-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/81258
* parser.c (cp_parser_decomposition_declaration): Diagnose invalid
forms of structured binding initializers.
2017-07-06 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/81204 - parse error with dependent template-name
* parser.c (cp_parser_lookup_name): Revert previous change.
2017-06-30 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/54769 - wrong lookup of dependent template-name.
PR c++/81257 - ICE with invalid ::template.
* parser.c (cp_parser_template_name): Handle dependent object type.
(cp_parser_nested_name_specifier_opt): Make template_keyword_p a
(cp_parser_id_expression): Pass it.
2017-06-29 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/81180 - ICE with C++17 deduction of member class template.
* pt.c (build_deduction_guide): Correct member template handling.
PR c++/81188 - matching decltype of member function call.
* tree.c (cp_tree_equal): Remove COMPONENT_REF special case.
PR c++/81164 - ICE with invalid inherited constructor.
* search.c (binfo_direct_p): New.
* name-lookup.c (do_class_using_decl): Use it.
2017-06-28 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/61022 - error with variadic template template parm
* pt.c (convert_template_argument): Keep the TYPE_PACK_EXPANSION.
PR c++/72801 - ICE with variadic partial specialization
* pt.c (unify_pack_expansion): Use PACK_EXPANSION_EXTRA_ARGS.
PR c++/81204 - parse error with dependent template-name
* parser.c (cp_parser_lookup_name): Disqualify function templates
after lookup.
2017-06-26 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/81215
* pt.c (unify_bound_ttp_args): Restore old logic for C++14 and down.
2017-06-23 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79056 - C++17 ICE with invalid template syntax.
* parser.c (cp_parser_simple_type_specifier): Don't assume that type
(cp_parser_check_for_invalid_template_id): Handle TYPE_DECL.
* pt.c (template_placeholder_p): New.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
2017-06-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/81154
* semantics.c (handle_omp_array_sections_1, finish_omp_clauses):
Complain about t not being a variable if t is OVERLOAD even
when processing_template_decl.
Backported from mainline
2017-06-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80973
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_genericize_r): Don't instrument MEM_REF second
argument even if it has REFERENCE_TYPE.
PR c++/80984
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_genericize): Only look for VAR_DECLs in
BLOCK_VARS (outer) chain.
(cxx_omp_const_qual_no_mutable): Likewise.
2017-06-20 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80972 - C++17 ICE with attribute packed.
* call.c (build_over_call): Allow a TARGET_EXPR from reference
2017-06-19 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80562 - ICE with constexpr if.
* semantics.c (finish_if_stmt_cond): Call
PR c++/80829 - ICE with constexpr copy of base subobject.
* constexpr.c (clear_no_implicit_zero): New.
(cxx_eval_call_expression): Call it.
PR c++/81073 - constexpr and static var in statement-expression.
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_constant_expression) [DECL_EXPR]: Check
2017-06-17 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/60063 - -Wunused-local-typedefs and templates.
* decl2.c (is_late_template_attribute): Return false for "used".
PR c++/70844 - -Wuseless-cast and inheriting constructor.
* method.c (forward_parm): Suppress warn_useless_cast.
2017-06-16 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/81045 - Wrong type-dependence with auto return type.
* pt.c (type_dependent_expression_p): An undeduced auto outside the
template isn't dependent.
* call.c (build_over_call): Instantiate undeduced auto even in a
PR c++/81102 - Wrong error with partial specialization.
* pt.c (unify) [TEMPLATE_PARM_INDEX]: Strip reference when comparing
types. Do type deduction later.
PR c++/81074 - ICE with partial specialization of member template.
PR c++/71747
* pt.c (get_partial_spec_bindings): Only coerce innermost args.
PR c++/80831 - ICE with -fsyntax-only.
* decl2.c (c_parse_final_cleanups): Use cgraph_node::get_create.
PR c++/80639 - ICE with invalid PMF initialization.
PR c++/80043 - ICE with -fpermissive
* typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Recurse when instantiate_type
returns without an error.
PR c++/80465 - ICE with generic lambda with noexcept-specifier.
* lambda.c (maybe_add_lambda_conv_op): Keep processing_template_decl
set longer for a generic lambda.
PR c++/80614 - Wrong mangling for C++17 noexcept type
* mangle.c (write_type): Put the eh spec back on the function type.
PR c++/80384 - ICE with dependent noexcept-specifier
* pt.c (dependent_type_p_r) [FUNCTION_TYPE]: Check for dependent
* parser.c (cp_parser_constant_expression): Check
potential_rvalue_constant_expression after decay_conversion.
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Don't require linkage in C++17.
* constexpr.c (potential_constant_expression_1): Allow 'this' capture.
2017-06-08 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c/81006
* semantics.c (handle_omp_array_sections_1): Convert TYPE_MAX_VALUE
to sizetype before size_binop.
PR c++/81011
* cp-gimplify.c (cxx_omp_finish_clause): When changing clause
2017-06-05 Volker Reichelt <>
* parser.c (cp_parser_base_specifier): Fix typos in error messages.
2017-05-31 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80840 - ICE with constexpr and reference
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Don't test whether a decl is
value-dependent when binding to a reference.
PR c++/80856 - ICE with local extern in template
* semantics.c (finish_call_expr): Replace a local extern overload
set in a template with the IDENTIFIER_NODE.
PR c++/80605 - __is_standard_layout and zero-length array
* class.c (check_bases): Use DECL_FIELD_IS_BASE.
PR c++/80605 - __is_standard_layout and empty base
* class.c (check_bases): Ignore empty bases.
PR c++/66297, DR 1684 - literal class and constexpr member fns
* constexpr.c (is_valid_constexpr_fn): Only complain about
non-literal enclosing class in C++11.
* class.c (finalize_literal_type_property): Likewise.
PR c++/80179 - ICE with initialized flexible array member.
* constexpr.c (verify_ctor_sanity): Handle flexible array members.
2017-05-29 Alexandre Oliva <>
* cp-tree.h (lang_identifier): Drop oracle_looked_up, unused.
2017-05-02 Release Manager
* GCC 7.1.0 released.
2017-04-20 Jonathan Wakely <>
PR c++/80473
* init.c (build_new_1): Suppress notes about over-aligned new when
the warning is suppressed.
2017-04-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/80423
* tree.c (build_cplus_array_type): Call build_array_type
with the intended TYPE_TYPELESS_STORAGE flag value, instead
of calling build_array_type and modifying later TYPE_TYPELESS_STORAGE
on the shared type.
2017-04-18 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/80244 - ICE with attribute in template alias.
* tree.c (strip_typedefs): Handle UNDERLYING_TYPE.
PR c++/80241 - ICE with alignas pack expansion.
* error.c (dump_expr): Handle TREE_LIST.
* parser.c (cp_parser_std_attribute_list): Return error_mark if
make_pack_expansion returns an error.
2017-04-17 Bernd Edlinger <>
PR c++/80287
* class.c (fixup_may_alias): Fix all type variants.
2017-04-17 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80415 - wrong error with default arg and array reference.
* tree.c (lvalue_kind): Return clk_class for an array prvalue.
* pt.c (tsubst_init): Set TARGET_EXPR_DIRECT_INIT_P.
2017-04-15 Alexandre Oliva <>
* decl.c (name_unnamed_type): Split out of...
(grokdeclarator): ... this.
* decl.h (name_unnamed_type): Declare.
2017-04-12 Richard Biener <>
Bernd Edlinger <>
PR middle-end/79671
* tree.c (build_cplus_array_type): Set TYPE_TYPELESS_STORAGE
for arrays of character or std::byte type.
2017-04-11 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80294 - ICE with constexpr and inheritance.
* constexpr.c (reduced_constant_expression_p):
A null constructor element is non-constant.
(cxx_eval_indirect_ref): Don't VERIFY_CONSTANT before
returning an empty base.
2017-04-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80370
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): If processing_template_decl on
non-dependent decl, only set TREE_TYPE on the v[i] decls, but don't
change their DECL_VALUE_EXPR nor cp_finish_decl them. Instead make
sure DECL_VALUE_EXPR is the canonical NULL type ARRAY_REF for tsubst
* pt.c (value_dependent_expression_p) <case VAR_DECL>: For variables
with DECL_VALUE_EXPR, return true if DECL_VALUE_EXPR is type
2017-04-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80363
* error.c (dump_expr): Handle VEC_COND_EXPR like COND_EXPR.
2017-04-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80176
* tree.c (lvalue_kind): For COMPONENT_REF with BASELINK second
operand, if it is a static member function, recurse on the
2017-04-10 Marek Polacek <>
PR sanitizer/80348
* typeck.c (cp_build_binary_op): Use NULL_TREE instead of NULL. Set
ORIG_TYPE earlier and not only when shortening.
2017-04-07 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80356 - ICE with reference to function template argument.
PR c++/79294
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument_function): Adjust type even with a
value-dependent argument.
PR c++/80267 - ICE with nested capture of reference
PR c++/60992
* pt.c (tsubst_copy): Handle lookup finding a capture proxy.
2017-04-07 Marek Polacek <>
PR sanitizer/80348
* typeck.c (cp_build_binary_op): Convert COP[01] to ORIG_TYPE.
PR c++/80095
* call.c (build_over_call): Don't check cxx_dialect.
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_gimplify_init_expr): Don't check cxx_dialect nor
whether SUB is a CONSTRUCTOR.
* init.c (build_new_1): Don't check cxx_dialect.
* tree.c (replace_placeholders): Add a function comment. Return if
not in C++14, or if the object isn't a (member of a) class.
* typeck2.c (store_init_value): Don't check cxx_dialect nor whether
2017-04-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80309
* pt.c (canonical_type_parameter): Use vec_safe_grow_cleared instead
of a loop doing vec_safe_push of NULL. Formatting fixes.
(rewrite_template_parm): Copy TEMPLATE_PARM_PARAMETER_PACK from oldidx
to newidx before calling canonical_type_parameter on newtype.
2017-04-04 Volker Reichelt <>
PR c++/80296
* cxx-pretty-print.c (cxx_pretty_printer::expression): Add
2017-04-03 Jason Merrill <>
* semantics.c (finish_template_type): Check CLASSTYPE_TEMPLATE_INFO.
2017-04-03 Jonathan Wakely <>
* class.c (update_vtable_entry_for_fn): Fix typo in comment.
* decl2.c (one_static_initialization_or_destruction): Likewise.
* name-lookup.c (store_bindings): Likewise.
* parser.c (make_call_declarator): Likewise.
* pt.c (check_explicit_specialization): Likewise.
2017-04-03 Jason Merrill <>
PR sanitizer/79993 - ICE with VLA initialization from string
PR c++/69487 - wrong VLA initialization from string
* init.c (finish_length_check): Split out from build_vec_init.
(build_vec_init): Handle STRING_CST.
* typeck2.c (split_nonconstant_init): Handle STRING_CST.
(digest_init_r): Don't give a STRING_CST VLA type.
2017-03-31 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79572
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_genericize_r): Sanitize INTEGER_CSTs with
REFERENCE_TYPE. Adjust ubsan_maybe_instrument_reference caller
PR libstdc++/80251
* cp-tree.h (enum cp_trait_kind): Add CPTK_IS_AGGREGATE.
* cxx-pretty-print.c (pp_cxx_trait_expression): Handle
* semantics.c (trait_expr_value): Handle CPTK_IS_AGGREGATE.
Remove extraneous parens.
(finish_trait_expr): Handle CPTK_IS_AGGREGATE.
* parser.c (cp_parser_primary_expression): Handle RID_IS_AGGREGATE.
(cp_parser_trait_expr): Likewise.
2017-03-27 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/80162
* cp-tree.h (cxx_mark_addressable): Add array_ref_p argument.
* typeck.c (cxx_mark_addressable): Likewise. Look through
VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR unless array_ref_p and VCE is from VECTOR_TYPE
(cp_build_array_ref): Pass true as array_ref_p to cxx_mark_addressable.
2017-03-24 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/77339 - ICE with invalid use of alias template.
* pt.c (lookup_template_class_1): Don't try to enter the scope of an
alias template.
2017-03-24 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/80119
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_fold): Strip CLEANUP_POINT_EXPR if the expression
doesn't have side effects.
2017-03-23 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80150 - ICE with overloaded variadic deduction.
* pt.c (try_one_overload): Remove asserts.
PR c++/77563 - missing ambiguous conversion error.
* call.c (convert_like_real): Use LOOKUP_IMPLICIT.
2017-03-23 Marek Polacek <>
* cp-tree.h: Remove a C_RID_YYCODE reference.
2017-03-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/80141
* semantics.c (finish_omp_clause) <case OMP_CLAUSE_SIMDLEN,
case OMP_CLAUSE_ALIGNED>: Call maybe_constant_value only when not
2017-03-21 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/77752
* name-lookup.c (pushtag_1): Add check for bogus, non template,
2017-03-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/35878
* init.c (std_placement_new_fn_p, build_new_1): Formatting fixes.
2017-03-21 Ville Voutilainen <>
PR c++/35878
* init.c (std_placement_new_fn_p): New.
(build_new_1): Call it.
2017-03-20 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80096 - ICE with C++17 non-type auto.
* pt.c (tsubst): Delay tsubst of type of template non-type
PR c++/79519 - ICE with deleted template friend.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Complain about misplaced function
definition using =, as well.
PR c++/79640 - infinite recursion with generic lambda.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy) [VAR_DECL]: Register the dummy instantiation
before substituting its initializer.
2017-03-20 Marek Polacek <>
Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/80059 - ICE with noexcept and __transaction_atomic
* except.c (build_must_not_throw_expr): Call
2017-03-19 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80084 - wrong C++17 decomposition by reference of parameter.
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): Don't pull out the DECL_INITIAL of a
reference decomposition.
PR c++/80077 - error with constexpr and -fno-elide-constructors.
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_call_expression): Set ctx->call while
expanding trivial constructor.
2017-03-17 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78345 - ICE initializing array from lambda.
* init.c (build_aggr_init): Check array initializer.
(build_vec_init): Check the type of a CONSTRUCTOR.
PR c++/80073 - C++17 ICE with virtual base.
* decl.c (xref_basetypes): Also check for indirect vbases.
2017-03-16 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (start_enum): std::byte aliases anything.
PR c++/79797
* constexpr.c (lookup_placeholder): Tweak.
2017-03-15 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/80043 - ICE with -fpermissive
* typeck.c (convert_for_assignment): Handle instantiate_type
not giving an error.
2017-03-14 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/79393 DR 1658 workaround
* method.c (synthesized_method_base_walk): Inihibit abstract class
virtual base access check here.
(synthesized_method_walk): Not here.
2017-03-13 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/79393 DR 1658 workaround
* method.c (synthesized_method_walk): Check vbases of abstract
classes for dtor walk.
2017-03-10 David Malcolm <>
PR translation/79848
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Simplify uses of "%<%s%>" to "%qs".
2017-03-10 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79960 - alias templates and partial ordering
* pt.c (comp_template_args): Add partial_order parm.
(template_args_equal): Likewise.
(comp_template_args_porder): New.
(get_partial_spec_bindings): Use it.
2017-03-10 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79967
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Check ATTRLIST before dereferencing it.
2017-03-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79899
* optimize.c (maybe_thunk_body): Don't ICE if fns[0] is NULL.
PR c++/79896
* decl.c (finish_enum_value_list): If value is error_mark_node,
don't copy it and change its type.
* init.c (constant_value_1): Return error_mark_node if DECL_INITIAL
of CONST_DECL is error_mark_node.
2017-03-09 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79900 - ICE in strip_typedefs
* tree.c (strip_typedefs): Skip the attribute handling if T is
a variant type which hasn't been updated yet.
PR c++/79687 - wrong code with pointer-to-member
* init.c (constant_value_1): Break if the variable has a dynamic
2017-03-08 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79797 - ICE with self-reference in array DMI.
* constexpr.c (lookup_placeholder): Split out...
(cxx_eval_constant_expression): ...from here.
2017-03-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c/79834
* parser.c (cp_parser_omp_cancellation_point,
cp_parser_omp_target_enter_data, cp_parser_omp_target_exit_data,
cp_parser_omp_target_update): Change "may only be used in compound
statements" diagnostics, such that the same translatable string is
used for all pragmas.
(cp_parser_pragma): Likewise. Use error_at instead of
cp_parser_error for that diagnostics.
2017-03-06 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79796 - ICE with NSDMI and this pointer
* call.c (build_over_call): Handle NSDMI with a 'this' by calling
2017-03-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79822
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_statement_list): Treat empty ({ }) like
({ (void) 0; }).
2017-03-06 Jason Merrill <>
Revert "Allow deduction guides to look into primary template."
* cp-tree.h, parser.c, pt.c, search.c: Revert.
2017-03-05 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/70266
* except.c (build_must_not_throw_expr): Perform the implicit
conversions on the condition.
2017-03-03 Jason Merrill <>
* mangle.c (mangle_decl): Check -Wnoexcept-type instead of
Core issues 2273 and 2277
* call.c (joust): Adjust using-declaration tiebreaker to handle
the intermediate base case.
* method.c (strip_inheriting_ctors): Just return the argument if
2017-03-03 Richard Biener <>
PR c++/79825
* cp-gimplify.c (simple_empty_class_p): Handle EMPTY_CLASS_EXPR.
2017-03-03 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79791
* typeck.c (string_conv_p): In C++11, always call pedwarn with
2017-03-02 Jason Merrill <>
Update overload resolution with deduction guides.
* pt.c (do_class_deduction): Always build the copy guide.
(copy_guide_p, template_guide_p): New.
(build_deduction_guide): Remember the original constructor.
* call.c (joust): Prefer the copy guide and non-template guides.
Allow deduction guides to look into primary template.
* cp-tree.h (struct saved_scope): Add deduction_guide_type.
(struct cp_decl_specifier_seq): Add constructor_p.
* parser.c (cp_parser_decl_specifier_seq): Set constructor_p.
(cp_parser_init_declarator): Check it. Set ctor_dtor_or_conv_p.
Clear deduction_guide_type. Don't handle deduction guide names.
(cp_parser_declarator): Don't clear ctor_dtor_or_conv_p.
(cp_parser_direct_declarator): Likewise. Handle deduction guides.
(cp_parser_member_declaration, cp_parser_cache_defarg)
(cp_parser_objc_class_ivars): Set ctor_dtor_or_conv_p.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy, tsubst_copy_and_build): Revert last change.
(build_deduction_guide): Set deduction_guide_type.
(dependent_scope_p): Check deduction_guide_type.
* search.c (lookup_member): Likewise.
2017-03-02 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79782
* init.c (mark_exp_read_r): New function.
(emit_mem_initializers): Use cp_walk_tree with mark_exp_read_r on
whole arguments instead of plain mark_exp_read on TREE_LIST values.
2017-03-01 Jason Merrill <>
Class template argument deduction in new-expression
* init.c (build_new): Handle deduction from no initializer.
* parser.c (cp_parser_new_expression): Don't require a single
expression for class template deduction.
* typeck2.c (cxx_incomplete_type_diagnostic): Fix diagnostic for
class template placeholder.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy) [TEMPLATE_DECL]: Handle dependent context.
(tsubst_copy_and_build) [TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR]: Handle SCOPE_REF.
(redeclare_class_template): Set TEMPLATE_TYPE_PARM_FOR_CLASS.
2017-03-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79746
* init.c (emit_mem_initializers): When not constructing vbases of
abstract classes, mark arguments as read for
2017-02-28 Jason Merrill <>
Class template argument deduction refinements
* call.c (joust): Move deduction guide tiebreaker down.
* decl.c (start_decl_1, cp_finish_decl, grokdeclarator): Allow class
deduction with no initializer.
* pt.c (build_deduction_guide): Handle implicit default/copy ctor.
(do_class_deduction): Use that rather than special case.
(do_auto_deduction): Handle null initializer.
2017-02-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
* decl.c (find_decomp_class_base): Use cond ? G_("...") : G_("...")
instead of just cond ? "..." : "...".
(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
(build_enumerator): Likewise.
* init.c (build_new_1): Likewise.
* call.c (build_new_method_call_1): Likewise.
* parser.c: Include intl.h.
(cp_parser_oacc_enter_exit_data): Use %s and ternary operator only for
"enter"/"exit" keyword.
(cp_finalize_oacc_routine): Don't use %s to supply portions of the
2017-02-27 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/71568 - SFINAE forming pointer to member function
* init.c (build_offset_ref): Check the return value of
2017-02-27 Marek Polacek <>
* decl.c (expand_static_init): Add missing } in a comment.
2017-02-27 Volker Reichelt <>
* init.c: Include intl.h.
(build_new_1): Move message strings into pedwarn to make them
-Wformat-security friendly. Mark string for translation.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build): Mark string for translation.
Make the pointer const.
* semantics.c (finish_id_expression): Mark strings for translation.
2017-02-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
* call.c (build_op_delete_call): Make msg1 and msg2 const.
2017-02-24 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79588
* call.c (build_over_call): Call check_function_arguments even for
-Wrestrict, adjust check_function_arguments caller.
* parser.c (cp_parser_postfix_expression): Don't handle -Wrestrict
* typeck.c (cp_build_function_call_vec): Adjust
check_function_arguments caller.
2017-02-24 Marek Polacek <>
PR translation/79705
* decl.c (check_redeclaration_exception_specification): Mark a string
for translation. Make the pointer const.
2017-02-23 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/79361
* pt.c (register_specialization): Check duplicate_decls return value
for error_mark_node and pass it back.
2017-02-22 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79679 - missing destructor for argument
* call.c (build_over_call): Don't pass tf_no_cleanup to argument
* pt.c (do_class_deduction): Handle 0 argument case.
2017-02-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79664
* parser.c (cp_parser_omp_teams, cp_parser_omp_target): Use
* constexpr.c (potential_constant_expression_1): Handle
OMP_*, OACC_* and CILK_* trees. Use error_at with
EXPR_LOC_OR_LOC (t, input_location) computed early
instead of error, or error_at with location_of (t).
2017-02-22 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79653
* parser.c (cp_parser_std_attribute_spec): Don't build the attribute
if the alignas expression is erroneous.
* pt.c (tsubst_attribute): If tsubst_pack_expansion fails, return
PR c++/79657
* semantics.c (finish_underlying_type): Bail out for incomplete enums.
2017-02-21 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/50308 - wrong deprecated warning with ADL
PR c++/17729 - duplicate deprecated warning
* semantics.c (finish_id_expression): Only call mark_used on a
function if we aren't building a call.
PR c++/41727 - ICE with partial spec of partial instantiation
* pt.c (process_partial_specialization): For now, don't check more
specialized if there is more than one level of args.
2017-02-21 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79535
* cp-tree.h (maybe_reject_flexarray_init): Declare.
* init.c (maybe_reject_flexarray_init): No longer static.
Add check for current_function_decl.
* parser.c (cp_parser_late_parse_one_default_arg): Reject
a default mem-initializer for a flexible array.
2017-02-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/79654
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): Don't set decl's type to error_mark_node
on error.
* pt.c (tsubst_decomp_names): Return error_mark_node if the first
decl after the decomposition artificial decl has error_mark_node.
* decl2.c (prune_vars_needing_no_initialization): Use error_operand_p
instead of just == error_mark_node comparison.
2017-02-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/79589
* decl.c: Include gimplify.h.
(cp_finish_decomp): Make sure there is no sharing of trees
in between DECL_VALUE_EXPR of decomposition decls.
PR c++/79655
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_array_reference): Diagnose negative subscript.
PR c++/79639
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_store_expression): If *valp is a PTRMEM_CST,
call cplus_expand_constant on it first.
2017-02-19 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78139 - destructor needed by new-expression
* call.c (build_special_member_call): Use tf_no_cleanup.
PR c++/78282 - auto template and pack expansion
* pt.c (find_parameter_packs_r): Don't walk into the type of
templates other than template template-parameters.
PR c++/79606 - ICE with this->base_member in NSDMI
* class.c (build_base_path): Check processing_template_decl.
PR c++/79607 - ICE with T{} initializer
* decl.c (type_dependent_init_p): Check the type of a CONSTRUCTOR.
PR c++/79566 - elaborated-type-specifier in range for
* parser.c (cp_parser_simple_declaration): Fix check for type
PR c++/79400 - confusing suggestion of 'noexcept'
* parser.c (cp_parser_exception_specification_opt): Remove
suggestion for deprecated dynamic exception-specification.
PR c++/79470 - partial ordering with reference parameters
* pt.c (unify) [INDIRECT_REF]: Handle pack expansions.
PR c++/79500 - ICE with non-template deduction guide
* pt.c (do_class_deduction): Use STRIP_TEMPLATE rather than
PR c++/79580 - ICE with compound literal
* parser.c (cp_parser_class_head): If we're in the middle of an
expression, use ts_within_enclosing_non_class.
PR c++/79503 - inherited ctor taking base class
* call.c (add_function_candidate): Also check that
DECL_INHERITED_CTOR_BASE is reference-related to the parameter type.
2017-02-19 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/79380
* typeck.c (cxx_alignas_expr): Reject a non-integral alignas
2017-02-19 Eric Fiselier <>
Jonathan Wakely <>
PR c++/69523
* parser.c (cp_parser_unqualified_id): Use OPT_Wliteral_suffix to
control warning about literal suffix identifiers without a leading
2017-02-17 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79508 - lookup error with member template
* parser.c (cp_parser_template_name): Clear
parser->context->object_type if we aren't doing lookup.
PR c++/78690 - ICE with using and global type with same name
* pt.c (type_dependent_object_expression_p): True for
PR c++/79549 - C++17 ICE with non-type auto template parameter pack
* pt.c (convert_template_argument): Just return an auto arg pack.
(tsubst_template_args): Don't tsubst an auto pack type.
PR c++/79556 - C++17 ICE with non-type auto
* pt.c (do_auto_deduction): Don't try to deduce from null type.
PR c++/79533 - C++17 ICE with temporary cast to reference
* call.c (build_over_call): Conversion to a reference prevents copy
2017-02-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79502 - lost nodiscard attribute
* pt.c (apply_late_template_attributes): Do apply non-dependent
attributes to types.
2017-02-16 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78572 - ICE with self-modifying array initializer
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_store_expression): The object we're
initializing is outside the constant-expression.
(cxx_eval_call_expression): Set ctx->call.
PR c++/79050 - ICE with undeduced auto and LTO
* decl.c (poplevel): Remove undeduced auto decls.
2017-02-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79512
* parser.c (cp_parser_omp_target): For -fopenmp-simd
ignore #pragma omp target even when not followed by identifier.
2017-02-15 Jason Merrill <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79464 - ICE in IPA with omitted constructor parms
* class.c (build_clone): Also omit parms from TYPE_ARG_TYPES.
(adjust_clone_args): Adjust.
(add_method): Remember omitted parms.
* call.c (add_function_candidate): Likewise.
* mangle.c (write_method_parms): Likewise.
* method.c (ctor_omit_inherited_parms): Return false if there are no
parms to omit.
2017-02-15 Martin Sebor <>
PR c++/79363
* init.c (maybe_reject_flexarray_init): New function.
(perform_member_init): Call it.
2017-02-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79301
* parser.c (cp_parser_std_attribute): Don't pedwarn about
[[deprecated]] with -std=c++11 and [[fallthrough]] with
-std=c++11 and -std=c++14.
PR c++/79288
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): For static data members, handle thread_p
only after handling inline.
2017-02-14 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79420
PR c++/79463
* parser.c (cp_parser_postfix_dot_deref_expression): Avoid
clobbering if the postfix expression isn't an EXPR_P.
2017-02-13 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79461 - ICE with lambda in constexpr constructor
* constexpr.c (build_data_member_initialization): Ignore
initialization of a local variable.
2017-02-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
* init.c (warn_placement_new_too_small): Add missing space in
* parser.c (cp_parser_oacc_declare): Likewise.
* mangle.c (maybe_check_abi_tags): Likewise.
PR c++/79232
* typeck.c (cp_build_modify_expr): Handle properly COMPOUND_EXPRs
in the rightmost operand.
2017-02-13 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/79296 - ICE mangling localized template instantiation
* decl2.c (determine_visibility): Use template fn context for
local class instantiations.
2017-02-11 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/77659 - ICE with new and C++14 aggregate NSDMI
* init.c (build_new): Make backups of any CONSTRUCTORs in init.
(build_new_1): Use replace_placeholders.
* tree.c (replace_placeholders_t): Also track whether we've seen a
(replace_placeholders, replace_placeholders_r): Adjust.
* cp-tree.h: Adjust.
PR c++/77790 - ICE with auto function in C++11 mode
* decl.c (undeduced_auto_decl): Remove C++14 limitation.
(require_deduced_type): Add complain parm, return bool.
* cp-tree.h: Adjust.
* decl2.c (mark_used): Use require_deduced_type.
2017-02-10 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78908 - template ops and bitfields
* tree.c (build_min_non_dep): Use unlowered_expr_type.
PR c++/78897 - constexpr union
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_store_expression): A store to a union member
erases a previous store to another member.
PR c++/71285 - member of fold-expression
* semantics.c (finish_unary_fold_expr)
(finish_binary_fold_expr): Use null type for fold-expressions.
PR c++/79401 - protected inherited constructor
* call.c (enforce_access): For inheriting constructor, find a base
binfo in the path we already have.
2017-02-10 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/79435
* pt.c (type_dependent_expression_p): Check if the expression type
is null.
PR c++/79184
* cvt.c (ocp_convert): Add a sentinel against -Wint-in-bool-context
if warnings shouldn't be given.
2017-02-10 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/71737
* pt.c (tsubst_decl): Don't try to preserve a typedef that names
an error_mark_node as type.
2017-02-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79143
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template_1): Copy CLASSTYPE_NON_AGGREGATE
from pattern to type.
2017-02-09 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/79316 - default argument in deduction guide
PR c++/79350 - explicit deduction guide
* parser.c (cp_parser_constructor_declarator_p)
(cp_parser_direct_declarator): Parse deduction guides more like
* cp-tree.h (enum special_function_kind): Add sfk_deduction_guide.
* tree.c (special_function_p): Return it.
* decl.c (check_special_function_return_type): Handle it.
(grokdeclarator, grokfndecl): Adjust.
(cp_finish_decl): Pass flags to do_auto_deduction.
* error.c (dump_decl_name): Use TFF_UNQUALIFIED_NAME.
* pt.c (dguide_name_p): Take a const_tree.
(do_class_deduction): Handle explicit.
(do_auto_deduction): Pass flags through.
(build_deduction_guide): Copy explicit flag.
2017-02-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79429
* parser.c (cp_parser_omp_ordered): Don't check for non-pragma_stmt
non-pragma_compound context here.
(cp_parser_omp_target): Likewise.
(cp_parser_pragma): Don't call push_omp_privatization_clauses and
parsing for ordered and target omp pragmas in non-pragma_stmt
non-pragma_compound contexts.
PR c/79431
* parser.c (cp_parser_oacc_declare): Formatting fix.
(cp_parser_omp_declare_target): Don't invoke symtab_node::get on
automatic variables.
2016-02-09 Nathan Sidwell <>
Chung-Lin Tang <>
* parser.c (cp_parser_oacc_clause_tile): Disallow collapse. Fix
parsing. Parse constant expression. Remove semantic checking.
(cp_parser_omp_clause_collapse): Disallow tile.
(cp_parser_omp_for_loop): Deal with tile clause. Don't emit a parse
error about missing for after already emitting one. Use more
conventional for idiom for unbounded loop.
* pt.c (tsubst_omp_clauses): Handle OMP_CLAUSE_TILE.
* semantics.c (finish_omp_clauses): Correct TILE semantic check.
(finish_omp_for): Deal with tile clause.
2017-02-07 Nathan Sidwell <>
* method.c (synthesized_method_base_walk): New. Broken out of ...
(synthesized_method_walk): ... here. Call it. Cleanup
2017-02-07 Patrick Palka <>
PR c++/79360
* typeck2.c (process_init_constructor_union): Consider only
FIELD_DECLs when looking for an NSDMI.
2017-02-06 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/71193 - incomplete types in templates
* parser.c (cp_parser_postfix_dot_deref_expression): In a template
handle incomplete type by pedwarning and then treating as dependent.
2017-02-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79379
* constexpr.c (cxx_eval_constant_expression): Handle ANNOTATE_EXPR.
(potential_constant_expression_1): Likewise.
PR c++/79377
* tree.c (build_min_non_dep_op_overload): For POST{INC,DEC}REMENT_EXPR
allow one fewer than expected arguments if flag_permissive.
PR c++/79372
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): On error set decl type to error_mark_node.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Don't call tsubst_decomp_names on decompositions
with error_mark_node type.
2017-02-03 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78689 - ICE on constructor with label
* optimize.c (maybe_clone_body): Replace omitted parameters with
null lvalues.
* class.c (build_clone): Fix logic for omitting inherited parms.
PR c++/12245 - excessive memory use
* constexpr.c (maybe_constant_value): Fold maybe_constant_value_1
back in. Don't cache constants.
(maybe_constant_init): Don't cache constants.
PR c++/79294 - ICE with invalid template argument
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument_function): Check value-dependence.
(convert_nontype_argument): Don't check it here for function ptrs.
2017-02-02 Richard Biener <>
PR cp/14179
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_fold): When folding a CONSTRUCTOR copy
it lazily on the first changed element only and copy it
fully upfront, only storing changed elements.
2017-02-02 Paolo Carlini <>
PR c++/69637
* decl2.c (grokbitfield): In case of error don't set-up DECL_INITIAL
to the width.
2017-01-31 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79304
* error.c (dump_expr) <case COMPONENT_REF>: Don't print .
2017-01-31 David Malcolm <>
PR c++/79298
* name-lookup.c (suggest_alternative_in_explicit_scope): Resolve
any namespace aliases.
2017-01-31 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/79290
* typeck.c (build_ptrmemfunc_access_expr): Set TREE_NO_WARNING.
PR c++/67273
PR c++/79253
* pt.c: (instantiate_decl): Push to top level when current
function scope doesn't match. Only push lmabda scope stack when
pushing to top.
* cp-tree.h (instantiate_decl): Make defer_ok bool.
* pt.c: Fix instantiate_decl calls to pass true/false not 0/1
(instantiate_decl): Simplify and reorder state saving and restoration.
PR c++/79264
* lambda.c (maybe_generic_this_capture): Deal with template-id-exprs.
* semantics.c (finish_member_declaration): Assert class is being
2017-01-30 Alexandre Oliva <>
Introduce C++ support in libcc1.
* cp-tree.h (struct lang_identifier): Add oracle_looked_up.
(ansi_opname): Rename to...
(cp_operator_id): ... this. Adjust all callers.
(ansi_assopname): Rename to...
(cp_assignment_operator_id): ... this. Adjust all callers.
(cp_literal_operator_id): Declare.
(set_global_friend): Declare.
(is_global_friend): Declare.
(enum cp_oracle_request): New type.
(cp_binding_oracle_function): New type.
(cp_binding_oracle): Declare.
(cp_finish_injected_record_type): Declare.
* friend.c (global_friend): New var.
(set_global_friend): New fn.
(is_global_friend): New fn.
(is_friend): Call is_global_friend.
* name-lookup.c (cp_binding_oracle): New var.
(query_oracle): New fn.
(qualified_lookup_using_namespace): Call query_oracle.
(lookup_name_real_1): Likewise.
* parser.c (cp_literal_operator_id): Drop static.
* search.c (friend_accessible_p): Call is_global_friend.
* semantics.c (is_this_parameter): Accept a variable if the
binding oracle is enabled.
2017-01-27 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78771 - ICE with inherited constructor.
* call.c (build_over_call): Call deduce_inheriting_ctor here.
* pt.c (tsubst_decl): Not here.
* class.c (add_method): Or here.
* method.c (deduce_inheriting_ctor): Handle clones.
(implicitly_declare_fn): Don't deduce inheriting ctors yet.
2017-01-27 Adam Butcher <>
PR c++/64382
* cp/parser.c (parsing_default_capturing_generic_lambda_in_template):
New function.
* cp/cp-tree.h: Declare it.
* cp/semantics.c (finish_id_expression): Resolve names within a default
capturing generic lambda defined within a template prior to
instantiation to allow for captures to be added to the closure type.
2017-01-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/68727
* cp-tree.def (OFFSETOF_EXPR): Bump number of operands to 2.
* cp-tree.h (finish_offsetof): Add OBJECT_PTR argument.
* parser.c (cp_parser_builtin_offsetof): Pass result of
build_static_cast of null_pointer_node to finish_offsetof.
* semantics.c (finish_offsetof): Add OBJECT_PTR argument, use
it for -Winvalid-offsetof pedwarn instead of trying to guess
original offsetof type from EXPR. Save OBJECT_PTR as a new
second operand to OFFSETOF_EXPR.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build) <case OFFSETOF_EXPR>: Adjust
finish_offsetof caller, pass the second operand of OFFSETOF_EXPR
2017-01-26 Jason Merrill <>
* name-lookup.c (parse_using_directive): Deprecate strong using.
PR c++/79176 - lambda ICE with -flto -Os
* decl2.c (vague_linkage_p): Handle decloned 'tors.
* tree.c (decl_linkage): Likewise.
2017-01-25 Martin Sebor <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Fix a typo in a comment.
2017-01-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/78896
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): Disallow memberwise decomposition of
lambda expressions.
PR c++/77914
* parser.c (cp_parser_lambda_declarator_opt): Pedwarn with
OPT_Wpedantic on lambda templates for -std=c++14 and higher.
2017-01-25 Maxim Ostapenko <>
PR lto/79061
* decl.c (cxx_init_decl_processing): Pass main_input_filename
to build_translation_unit_decl.
2017-01-24 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/79205
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_genericize_r): Add result of
convert_from_reference on invisiref parm to p_set.
2017-01-24 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/78469 - defaulted ctor and inaccessible dtor
* cp-tree.h (tsubst_flags): Add tf_no_cleanup.
* init.c (build_new_1): Pass tf_no_cleanup to build_value_init.
* tree.c (build_target_expr): Check tf_no_cleanup.
PR c++/79118 - anon-members and constexpr
* constexpr.c (cx_check_missing_mem_inits): Caller passes type not
ctor decl. Recursively check anonymous members.
(register_constexpr_fundef): Adjust cx_check_missing_mem_inits
(explain_invalid_constexpr_fn): Likewise.
2017-01-23 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/71710 - template using directive of field
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build [COMPONENT_REF]): Move FIELD_DECL
check earlier.
PR c++/71406 - ICE with scope-ref'd template id exprs
PR c++/77508
* typeck.c (finish_class_member_access_expr): Break up SCOPE_REF
before breaking up TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR.
2017-01-20 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/78495 - wrong code inherited ctor and invisi-ref parm
* cp-gimplify.c (cp_generize_r): Don't skip thunks.
2017-01-20 David Malcolm <>
PR c++/77829
PR c++/78656
* cp-tree.h (suggest_alternatives_for): Add bool param.
(suggest_alternative_in_explicit_scope): New decl.
* error.c (qualified_name_lookup_error): When SCOPE is a namespace
that isn't the global one, call new function
suggest_alternative_in_explicit_scope, only calling
suggest_alternatives_for if it fails, and disabling near match
searches fort that case. When SCOPE is the global namespace,
pass true for new param to suggest_alternatives_for to allow for
fuzzy name lookups.
* lex.c (unqualified_name_lookup_error): Pass true for new param
to suggest_alternatives_for.
* name-lookup.c (consider_binding_level): Add forward decl.
(suggest_alternatives_for): Add "suggest_misspellings" param,
using it to conditionalize the fuzzy name-lookup code.
(suggest_alternative_in_explicit_scope): New function.
* parser.c (cp_parser_primary_expression): When calling
finish_id_expression, pass location of id_expression rather
than that of id_expr_token.
(cp_parser_id_expression): Convert local "unqualified_id" from
tree to cp_expr to avoid implicitly dropping location information.
2017-01-20 Marek Polacek <>
PR c/64279
* call.c (build_conditional_expr_1): Warn about duplicated branches.
* semantics.c (finish_expr_stmt): Build statement using the proper
2017-01-19 Jason Merrill <>
US 20 - forwarding references and class template argument deduction
* pt.c (push_template_decl_real): Set it.
(maybe_adjust_types_for_deduction): Check it.
(rewrite_template_parm): Copy it.
US 19 - deduction guides and constructors
* call.c (joust): Prefer deduction guides to constructors.
* pt.c (build_deduction_guide): Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL.
(deduction_guide_p): Check DECL_P.
* decl.c (check_initializer): Always use build_aggr_init for array
PR c++/79130 - decomposition and direct-initialization
* init.c (build_aggr_init): Communicate direct-initialization to
(build_vec_init): Check for array copy sooner.
* parser.c (cp_parser_decomposition_declaration): Remove call to
2017-01-18 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/68666 - member variable template-id
* typeck.c (finish_class_member_access_expr): Handle variable
* pt.c (lookup_and_finish_template_variable): No longer static.
* cp-tree.h: Declare it.
2017-01-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/78488
* call.c (build_over_call): When checking ellipsis conversions for
an inherited ctor, make sure there is at least one conversion.
2017-01-18 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78894 - ICE with class deduction and default arg
* pt.c (build_deduction_guide): Set DECL_PRIMARY_TEMPLATE.
2017-01-18 Markus Trippelsdorf <>
PR c++/77489
* mangle.c (write_discriminator): Reorganize abi warning check.
2017-01-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h: Clarify exception spec node comment.
* except.c (nothrow_spec_p): Simplify by checking node-equality.
PR c++/79091
* mangle.c (write_exception_spec): Check nothrow explicitly.
(write_encoding): Don't increment processing_template_decl around
2017-01-18 Markus Trippelsdorf <>
PR c++/70182
* mangle.c (write_template_args): Add "on" for operator names.
2017-01-18 Markus Trippelsdorf <>
PR c++/77489
* mangle.c (write_discriminator): Handle discriminator >= 10.
2017-01-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/61636
* cp-tree.h (maybe_generic_this_capture): Declare.
* lambda.c (resolvable_dummy_lambda): New, broken out of ...
(maybe_resolve_dummy): ... here. Call it.
(maybe_generic_this_capture): New.
* parser.c (cp_parser_postfix_expression): Speculatively capture
this in generic lambda in unresolved member function call.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy_and_build): Force hard error from failed
member function lookup in generic lambda.
2017-01-17 Aldy Hernandez <>
PR c++/70565
* cp-array-notation.c (expand_array_notation_exprs): Handle
2017-01-11 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78337 - ICE on invalid with generic lambda
* semantics.c (process_outer_var_ref): Check if containing_function
is null. Move inform call under complain test.
2017-01-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/77812
* name-lookup.c (set_namespace_binding_1): An overload of 1 decl
is a new overload.
2017-01-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* name-lookup.c (push_overloaded_decl_1): Refactor OVERLOAD creation.
2017-01-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/78341
* parser.c (cp_parser_std_attribute_spec): Remove over-eager
assertion. Formatting fix.
PR c++/72813
* decl2.c (c_parse_final_cleanups): Set flag_syntax_only to 1 after
writing PCH file.
2017-01-10 David Malcolm <>
PR c++/77949
* parser.c (cp_parser_class_specifier_1): Only suggest inserting
a missing semicolon if we have a valid insertion location for
the fix-it hint.
2017-01-10 Jason Merrill <>
FI 20, decomposition declaration with parenthesized initializer.
* parser.c (cp_parser_decomposition_declaration): Use
2017-01-09 Jason Merrill <>
Implement P0195R2, C++17 variadic using.
* parser.c (cp_parser_using_declaration): Handle ellipsis and comma.
* pt.c (tsubst_decl): Handle pack expansion in USING_DECL_SCOPE.
* error.c (dump_decl): Likewise.
2017-01-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR translation/79019
PR translation/79020
* semantics.c (finish_omp_clauses): Add missing whitespace to
translatable strings.
* cp-cilkplus.c (cpp_validate_cilk_plus_loop_aux): Fix comment typo.
2017-01-07 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/78948 - instantiation from discarded statement
* parser.h (struct cp_parser): Remove in_discarded_stmt field.
* cp-tree.h (in_discarded_stmt): Declare it.
(struct saved_scope): Add discarded_stmt bitfield.
(in_discarded_stmt): New macro.
* decl2.c (mark_used): Check it.
* parser.c (cp_parser_selection_statement): Adjust.
(cp_parser_jump_statement): Adjust.
2017-01-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/78931
* decl.c (cp_finish_decomp): Remove probe variable, if tt is
REFERENCE_REF_P, set tt to its operand.
PR c++/78890
* class.c (check_field_decls): Diagnose REFERENCE_TYPE fields in
unions even for C++11 and later.
2017-01-05 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/78765
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Don't try and see if integral
or enum expressions are constants prematurely.
2017-01-04 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/64767
* typeck.c (cp_build_binary_op): Warn when a pointer is compared with
a zero character literal.
2017-01-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/78949
* typeck.c (cp_build_unary_op): Call mark_rvalue_use on arg if it has
vector type.
PR c++/78693
* parser.c (cp_parser_simple_declaration): Only complain about
inconsistent auto deduction if auto_result doesn't use auto.
* parser.c (cp_parser_simple_declaration): Diagnose function
declaration among more than one init-declarators with auto
PR c++/71182
* parser.c (cp_lexer_previous_token): Use vec_safe_address in the
assertion, as lexer->buffer may be NULL.
2017-01-04 Marek Polacek <>
PR c++/77545
PR c++/77284
* constexpr.c (potential_constant_expression_1): Handle CLEANUP_STMT.
2017-01-04 Nathan Sidwell <>
PR c++/66735
* cp-tree.h (DECLTYPE_FOR_REF_CAPTURE): New.
(lambda_capture_field_type): Update prototype.
* lambda.c (lambda_capture_field_type): Add is_reference parm.
Add referenceness here.
(add_capture): Adjust lambda_capture_field_type call, refactor
error checking.
* pt.c (tsubst): Adjust lambda_capture_field_type call.
2017-01-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
Copyright (C) 2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.