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-- --
-- --
-- A D A . C O N T A I N E R S . G E N E R I C _ A R R A Y _ S O R T --
-- --
-- S p e c --
-- --
-- This specification is derived from the Ada Reference Manual for use with --
-- GNAT. In accordance with the copyright of that document, you can freely --
-- copy and modify this specification, provided that if you redistribute a --
-- modified version, any changes that you have made are clearly indicated. --
-- --
type Index_Type is (<>);
type Element_Type is private;
type Array_Type is array (Index_Type range <>) of Element_Type;
with function "<" (Left, Right : Element_Type) return Boolean is <>;
procedure Ada.Containers.Generic_Array_Sort (Container : in out Array_Type);
pragma Pure (Ada.Containers.Generic_Array_Sort);
-- Reorders the elements of Container such that the elements are sorted
-- smallest first as determined by the generic formal "<" operator provided.
-- Any exception raised during evaluation of "<" is propagated.
-- The actual function for the generic formal function "<" is expected to
-- return the same value each time it is called with a particular pair of
-- element values. It should not modify Container and it should define a
-- strict weak ordering relationship: irreflexive, asymmetric, transitive, and
-- in addition, if x < y for any values x and y, then for all other values z,
-- (x < z) or (z < y). If the actual for "<" behaves in some other manner,
-- the behavior of the instance of Generic_Array_Sort is unspecified. The
-- number of times Generic_Array_Sort calls "<" is unspecified.