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-- S Y S T E M . E L A B O R A T I O N _ A L L O C A T O R S --
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-- Copyright (C) 2014-2021, Free Software Foundation, Inc. --
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-- GNAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under --
-- terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Soft- --
-- ware Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later ver- --
-- sion. GNAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITH- --
-- OUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY --
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-- As a special exception under Section 7 of GPL version 3, you are granted --
-- additional permissions described in the GCC Runtime Library Exception, --
-- version 3.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation. --
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-- You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License and --
-- a copy of the GCC Runtime Library Exception along with this program; --
-- see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively. If not, see --
-- <>. --
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-- GNAT was originally developed by the GNAT team at New York University. --
-- Extensive contributions were provided by Ada Core Technologies Inc. --
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-- This package provides the interfaces for proper handling of restriction
-- No_Standard_Allocators_After_Elaboration. It is used only by programs
-- which use this restriction.
package System.Elaboration_Allocators is
pragma Preelaborate;
procedure Mark_Start_Of_Elaboration;
-- Called right at the start of main elaboration if the program activates
-- restriction No_Standard_Allocators_After_Elaboration. We don't want to
-- rely on the normal elaboration mechanism for marking this event, since
-- that would require us to be sure to elaborate this first, which would
-- be awkward, and it is convenient to have this package be Preelaborate.
procedure Mark_End_Of_Elaboration;
-- Called when main elaboration is complete if the program has activated
-- restriction No_Standard_Allocators_After_Elaboration. This is the point
-- beyond which any standard allocator use will violate the restriction.
procedure Check_Standard_Allocator;
-- Called as part of every allocator in a program for which the restriction
-- No_Standard_Allocators_After_Elaboration is active. This will raise an
-- exception (Storage_Error with an appropriate message) if it is called
-- after the call to Mark_End_Of_Elaboration.
end System.Elaboration_Allocators;