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! Test alternate entry points for functions when the result types
! of all entry points match
character*(*) function f1 (str, i, j)
character str*(*), e1*(*), e2*(*)
integer i, j
f1 = str (i:j)
entry e1 (str, i, j)
i = i + 1
entry e2 (str, i, j)
j = j - 1
e2 = str (i:j)
end function
character*5 function f3 ()
character e3*(*), e4*(*)
integer i
f3 = 'ABCDE'
entry e3 (i)
entry e4 (i)
if (i .gt. 0) then
e3 = 'abcde'
e4 = 'UVWXY'
end function
program entrytest
character f1*16, e1*16, e2*16, str*16, ret*16
character f3*5, e3*5, e4*5
integer i, j
i = 2
j = 6
ret = f1 (str, i, j)
if ((i .ne. 2) .or. (j .ne. 6)) STOP 1
if (ret .ne. 'BCDEF') STOP 2
ret = e1 (str, i, j)
if ((i .ne. 3) .or. (j .ne. 5)) STOP 3
if (ret .ne. 'CDE') STOP 4
ret = e2 (str, i, j)
if ((i .ne. 3) .or. (j .ne. 4)) STOP 5
if (ret .ne. 'CD') STOP 6
if (f3 () .ne. 'ABCDE') STOP 7
if (e3 (1) .ne. 'abcde') STOP 8
if (e4 (1) .ne. 'abcde') STOP 9
if (e3 (0) .ne. 'UVWXY') STOP 10
if (e4 (0) .ne. 'UVWXY') STOP 11
end program