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! Check that the real(4) and real(8) random number generators return the same
! sequence of values.
program random_4
integer, dimension(:), allocatable :: seed
real(kind=4), dimension(10) :: r4
real(kind=8), dimension(10) :: r8
real, parameter :: delta = 0.0001
integer n
call random_seed (size=n)
allocate (seed(n))
call random_seed (get=seed)
! Test both array valued and scalar routines.
call random_number(r4)
call random_number (r4(10))
! Reset the seed and get the real(8) values.
call random_seed (put=seed)
call random_number(r8)
call random_number (r8(10))
if (any ((r4 - r8) .gt. delta)) STOP 1
end program