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! Program to test the LEN and LEN_TRIM intrinsics.
subroutine test (c)
character(*) c
character(len(c)) d
d = c
if (len(d) .ne. 20) STOP 1
if (d .ne. "Longer Test String") STOP 2
c = "Hello World"
end subroutine
subroutine test2 (c)
character (*) c
character(len(c)) d
d = c
if (len(d) .ne. 6) STOP 3
if (d .ne. "Foobar") STOP 4
end subroutine
program strlen
implicit none
character(20) c
character(5) a, b
integer i
c = "Longer Test String"
call test (c)
if (len(c) .ne. 20) STOP 5
if (len_trim(c) .ne. 11) STOP 6
call test2 ("Foobar");
end program