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# We default to building libraries optimised for size. We use
# -minterlink-mips16 so that the non-MIPS16 libraries can still be
# linked against partly-MIPS16 code. The -mcode-xonly option allows
# MIPS16 libraries to run on Harvard-style split I/D memories, so long
# as they have the D-to-I redirect for PC-relative loads. -mno-gpopt
# has two purposes: it allows libraries to be used in situations where
# $gp != our _gp, and it allows them to be built with -G8 while
# retaining link compability with -G0 and -G4.
CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET += -Os -minterlink-mips16 -mcode-xonly -mno-gpopt
CXXFLAGS_FOR_TARGET += -Os -minterlink-mips16 -mcode-xonly -mno-gpopt